Szmon Family History

From Ukraine to Canada



The Szmon family immigrated to Canada in 1895 and went to Gilbert Plains in Manitoba. Jacob and Julia Szmon took their four children Paul, Lucy, Walter and Pearl with them. When entering into Canada, the border people did not know how to spell Szmon, so when they filled the paperwork out for the family they had different spellings of the last name. Jacob and Julie Szmon, they gave Szmon to Paul, Lucy, Walter and Pearl ended up with Shmon. More family that came over some spelled it Szymon.


The Szmon family originally came from the Ukraine.


Jacob and Julia Szmon decided they wanted a better life for their family. Ukraine was crowded due to over-population, there was heavy taxation, and political reasons. Their language was Ukrainian.


The Szmon's came to Canada by boat. It was an over crowded boat with lots of people on it. When they arrived to Canada they were given a piece of land in Gilbert Plains Manitoba.


Life was hard for them when they arrived in Canada. The government gave the Ukrainians the worst land - hard, covered in stones and rocks. Nothing was growing on it. The Ukrainians worked hard and made it into farm land. Life was tough for them in the first few years and it was a lot of work for them. The Ukrainian women became well known for their baking and cooking. I have had their cooking and baking and it is better than anything I have tasted.


Eventually after a lot of hard work the Ukrainians made a community. Today there is still a Ukraine community there.

I think it would have been scary for them coming over on a crowded boat not knowing what they will end up with. Today there is a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out before they come over.


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