In Sydney, ya know?

Before 1788

Before the Europeans unrightfully took Australia, Croydon was in the possession of the Wangal people. Their land was believed to be centred on Concord, but stretched wide across Sydney. There aren’t any Aboriginal Sites in Croydon but there are rock shelters and middens in areas surrounding. The Wangal clan were part the Eora language group and lived in Croydon for more than 20,000 years.

After 1788

Once the Europeans had arrived in 1788, they were mainly focusing on surviving the nights and finding new land. Thus, it was not until 1791 when William Dawes made a map of the area (his map was annotated with: 'a tract good land to appearance in many places hereabout'.)

Important Events

In the early 1860s, Henry Parkes purchased a large block of land, and made it a subdivision dubbed Croydon Park.

Soon a village was born North of the railway station and a beautiful church was built on Edwin St. Shops started to pop up in a similar area.

Around the 1870s and 1880s schools like PLC and Croydon PS started.

What it's like now.

Croydon is a rich and beautiful area in the inner west. There are 3 main schools (CPS, Burwood girls and PLC) and many businesses situated here.

The Strand is alive with people; at both day and night like Blair Park.

There are cool houses; unique and grand situated on Young st especially.

Therefore, Croydon is a really delightful suburb.