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Happy New Year! 2021

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Alysia Kinchen is the January First Year Cos Student of the Month!!
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Nico Landau is the PM Cos Student of the Month for February!!

Chris Gallagher is the first RAS graduate of the year!

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R.J. and Kim twirl the rope for Jenna

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I asked my class what they thought was unique about RAS and this what they said...

At RAS we take pride in being a smaller community with stronger connections and more one on one help. Being a smaller community it makes it much easier to build stronger, lasting relationships with people. Since everyone is pretty much comfortable with each other it makes for a much better learning environment as well. Since people are made to feel comfortable with each other and themselves they can focus more on school instead of drama and other things that high schoolers tend to focus on. Riley

At RAS teacher and staff care. The Administrators lookout for the students. Everyone is accepting of others. Deven

At RAS we accept everyone. We make it a safe place for everyone. We love everyone. We make great memories. Emma

At RAS we care for everyone that comes in our life no matter their past. Colby

Paula poses with Alysia on College Day

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First Annual Skribbl.io Tournament

Our community-building event for January at RAS was a skribbl.io tournament. Everyone's drawing skills were put to the test when students had to draw pictures of words associated with RAS such as; "chromebook, RAS, snapchat, science lab, number line, and school bus". Nico Cox, Thora Scofield, Aiden Carpenter, Alysia Kinchen, Dilian Cicci, and AJ Tatusko were the classroom winners that went on to compete in the final round where Nico Cox led Mr. Keating's room to victory. Nico shared the prize of a cake from Ithaca Bakery with the rest of the students of the winning room.

Western Day March 5, 2021

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Mr. Keating Takes Education Seriously

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Michelle's Principal Page

Greetings RAS Families!

It has officially been one year since schools shut down due to COVID. It seems both like ages ago and just yesterday. When I think about all that has changed in the world and in our school since March 15, 2020, I am overwhelmed. And yet, we are resilient. We’re open, students are progressing, seniors will graduate (and with an in-person graduation this year!) and many of the BOCES staff have received our COVID vaccine.

I hope you all realize how GOOD it feels to see students, both virtually and in-person, every school day. New students and staff have joined our RAS Community and we couldn’t be more glad. We are grateful to be able to do what we love in as “normal” as way as possible. The photos in this issue of the RAS Reporter tell the story. Together, we are learning, laughing, playing and connecting. We haven’t missed a beat.

In gratitude,


Paula and Beau light up the night with science

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Travis's class gets tied up in knots

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Seeing Double on Twin Day

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Katrina makes a new friend

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This edition of the RAS Reporter was created by Ms. Townsend's Journalism Class

Deven Ayres-Santmyer

Riley Carpenter

Colby Gatch

Romen Rogers

Mariah Scutt-Cornell

Emma Trevits

Photos by Paula, Ms. James and Charlie