The Warrior Way

Week of September 28th

Homecoming fun!

For those of you that were able to make it out to the Homecoming Festitivities on Saturday I'm sure you will agree that it was a successful day. What it highlighted to me was the strength of the Winfield community. The turnout from our families was amazing! I think our students really enjoyed being in the parade and throwing candy to those watching(thank you to Ms. Rothermich for getting them excited and having them load their cannons!). Also thank you to Ms. Rothermich for bringing the Batman costume on Saturday. Although a little on the warm side I had a blast! I've put funny pictures of other staff members up so I will share mine as well.

On a more academic note, I am really enjoying the opportunity to get into classrooms and complete observations. I know that many teachers find these evaluations to be a nerve wracking time but please know that I first view them as an opportunity to record the great things I see each day. A second benefit of these is it gives us an opportunity to discuss areas that I can support your growth as a teacher. Each of you work hard and I look forward to the discussions following the observations this year. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the evaluation process.

As always thank you for all that you do and please stop by with any questions or ideas that you may have.

Proud to be a Warrior,


I've included a link below for staff members to leave two comments regarding Lucy so far and going forward. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts. There are lots of great things happening in our rooms each day and I am positive that each of you have things that when you share will help our other staff members. I appreciate you taking the time to collaborate through this tool.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning meetings:4th

Morning Announcements: Dahm

Lunch count North: Bathe

Lunch count South: Dulaney

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.

Keep it Up!

We slipped below 96% for the first time in a few weeks but we are still doing great at staying about 95%! Thank you!
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This looks like a week where we get to focus in on great instruction in the classroom! Thank you to the different members of our PBS committee who continue to attend trainings. Ms. Rothermich and Ms. Aldrich will attend a training in Columbia this Thursday. Thank you to Mrs. Dulaney for identifying that between jury duty, PBS and MRI being out of her class three times in a week was not in the best interest of her students(another great example of the Intermediate staff putting the needs of students first).

Monday September 28th:

Thank you for another great start!

Tuesday September 22nd:

Great teaching and learning

Wednesday September 23rd:

Intermediate staff being awesome as always!

Thursday September 24th:

Tier 1 meeting after school

Session 1 of the first option for CPI training

Friday September 25th:

MRI Day-3rd grade

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Highlight!!! Casey Bromwich!

At the beginning of the year Casey went to both Ms. Baker and myself and said that she felt she could do more to support our building as our identified math coordinator/coach. She offered to go to any professional development we could find as well as support the building by looking at evaluate data. Ms. Baker has found a group of math coaches/coordinators that meets four times throughout the year to discuss ways to support math in the classroom. Casey will attend these meetings and hopefully find ways we can improve the support provided to each of you in the classroom!

Thank you Mrs. Bromwich for always looking for ways to improve in your classroom while supporting the building and the district!!!!