By : Nam Le

How is it formed?

Millions of years ago plants died and they formed layers at the bottom of the ground. Eventually water and dirt covered the plant remains for many years and were further down in the ground. This caused a lot of heat and pressure and it formed into a black rock what we call now coal.


  • Formed over million of years ago
  • Formed by decayed plant matter (Peat)
  • Used since prehistoric times
  • At ten, kids mined coal during 1800's
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  • Most abundant fossil fuel
  • Leading source of energy
  • Supplies 40% of world's electricity
  • Can be used in form of heat
  • Turns engines called turbines in electric power plants
  • Found in every continent


  • Major cause of water and air pollution
  • Non-renewable resource
  • Have to destroy landforms for coal
  • Millions of years to reform

Good or bad?

I think that the fossil fuel Coal is a good energy source to our world. Although coal might have some downsides, the positives outnumber the negatives.

  • Supplies 40% of our electricity
  • 4 billion dollars annually because of coal
  • Without coal, no Industrial Revolution
  • Lasts longer, any other fossil fuel
  • Leading source of energy