William T. Sherman

By Ethan and Nicholas

Early Years

Birth: February 8, 1820-Lancaster, Ohio

Life before the Civil War: Child of a prominent family, one of eleven children, his died when he was 9, raised by a family friend, Thomas Ewing, who was a senator from Ohio. In 1836, Ewing got Sherman into the U.S military academy at West Point,graduated in 1840. In 1850 he married Eleanor Boyle Ewing daughter of Thomas Ewing. In 1859, he became the head master at a military academy in Louisiana. After Louisiana left the Union he moved to Saint Louis,Missouri and didn't want to be a part of the war.

Education: Went to U.S military academy at West Point and graduated 6th in his class in 1840.

Contributions to the Civil War

He was appointed Colonel in the 13th US Infantry in May 1861. Sherman was assigned command under a brigade under General William McDowell. He fought in the First Battle of Bull Run and was sent to Kentucky where he provided support for Ulysses S. Grant's capture of Fort Donelson in February 1862. At the Battle of Shiloh, Sherman and Grant pushed back the Confederate offense and were able to launch a counter-attack which led Sherman and Grant to a life long friendship. He remained with Grant at the siege of Vicksburg. In September 1864, Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground on his ''March to the Sea''. On his march, he destroyed everything in his path, and became known as ''Total War''. Once Grant became president in 1869, Sherman became General Commander of the U.S army, he then ordered total destruction of the Native American tribes.

Life After The Civil War

After the War: He retired from the Army in February 1884 and lived in St. Louis before moving to New York in 1886. He didn't want to run for President and spent most of his time on hobbies,such as painting.

Death: February 14, 1891 in New York City. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in St.Louis.

Memorials: Statue of Sherman in Washington D.C adjacent to the White House. The Statue is of him on a horse.

Interesting Facts

1. President Benjamin Harrison had all flags to be flown at half staff when Sherman was buried.

2. Besides being a soldier he was also an author.

3. His middle name is Tecumseh.

4. He actually loved the South, especially South Carolina.

5. He was a Californian Pioneer during the Gold Rush.