Taking Student Genius Global

The Quest2Matter: A Contest Where the World Wins

What is the Quest2Matter?

The Quest2Matter invites students to share with the world their quests to take innovative action to solve problems that break their hearts.

Do your students have a pending or completed quest that could change the world?

The WORLD Needs:

  • Great ideas that dare to question the usual ways of doing things.
  • Projects that have/can be done in the real world to bring about change.
  • Contributions that impact others in positive ways.

The World is Waiting for Your Contribution!

Join The Quest Now- 3 Easy Steps

Alternatively, you may email your quest to Quest2Matter@GMail.com

How Will Your Students and the World "Win?"

The primary motivation for students to participate in the Quest2Matter should be the burning desire to matter and to change our world by solving problems that break their heart.

We will highlight throughout the Quest, students ideas, projects, and contributions. on both the Choose2Matter and Quest2Matter site.

Quests will be evaluated on :

  • the impact of the Quest on the world

  • the ingenuity behind the Quest

  • the degree to which the quest solves a problem

TOP QUESTS submitted by June 7, 2013 will be considered for the following:

  1. Showcased on our partner platform, The Huffington Post
  2. One Genius Student will be selected to receive a Bammy Award

  3. One Quest will be selected and showcased at the prestigious BIF Summit

YOUR Students Have the Power To Change OUR World Now!

We Do Not Have To Wait a Second To Change The World-- LET'S ACT NOW!


Choose2Matter is a not-for-profit corporation headed by educators who believe that the two most important words that anyone can hear are "You Matter." They also believe that today's young people form the most compassionate generation this world has known.

Angela Maiers - Founder of Choose2Matter

You Matter to this mission. Please feel free to connect at anytime!
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