Let's Talk Creativity During Crisis

From Annelies & Conduit for Change, LLC

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Creativity is Contagious comfort mask

1- Keeps you from touching your face. 2- Reduces hoarding of facemask supplies intended for healthcare professionals. 3- Gives you a sense of safety and creativity to slay fear, stress, reducing social anxiety. ________FACE FEAR WITH ART!_______

Dear Ones,

I wish I could say that crisis is unnecessary but the reality is chaos is a part of life. Only entropy comes easy. Unexpected happenings blindside us throwing life as we know it into utter disarray. The good thing is that from disruption comes creativity. Therein lies the resilience skills to cope and create with change. Let's explore.

Creativity resides at the edge of chaos. It's tucked into our every day as hidden threads within problem-solving, trust and empathy, and thrives during and after chaos. Why? Because the creative process is what helps us re-build, re-imagine and cope with change along the way. And those who have a relationship with creative expression on a regular basis actually hold more resilience skills than others who aren't "tapped-in" to their hidden genius. Yes, it's quite possible-- your "crazy" aunt who's better at crochet, cooking and chorus than you is a tad more agile than your educated, certified, accomplished self. Her fiddling with seemingly useless hobbies come in real handy when abnormal becomes the norm. So-- let's fix that right here, right now.

1- YOU ARE CREATIVE. Sorry, just because you work in IT or accounting or your first grade art project was a disaster doesn't mean you aren't creative. In times of crisis and everyday anxiety, knowing your sense of creative expression is key to coping and creating with change. Breathe. You can do this.

2- BREAK-DOWN VERSES BREAK-THROUGH: The consequence of holding in emotions leads to breakdown, further illness and ill behavior like anger or non-expression like numbing (internalizing) and irrational thinking which leads to irrational actions potentially hurting both you and others (externalizing). It's just that simple.

3- EXPRESS YOURSELF. Vulnerability is both deliciously sexy and scary as heck. Let's be real here. It's human nature to make mistakes and act-a-fool. Yet- we look away and yearn to be brave at the same time. Oh-- to be authentically raw and perfect at once! It's a non-nonsensical formula. The truth is sometimes we express ourselves and nice, cool, good and useful things, thoughts, stuff emerge and sometimes-- not. You must be willing at all times to come to the edge and risk what you've got to say, feel or do for the sake of survival. Because when the edge comes to you... during crisis-- it's better to let your feelings out than hold them in.

4- START NOW. Fear is paralyzing and... fear can be fun. In the right conditions, tickling fear can arouse all sorts of creative outcomes. Think of all the times we play around with our fear in society. We make roller-coasters, haunted houses, produce plays and films that frighten at a safe distance, even get dolled up in fearful frock for parties. Just enough fear tickling is fun. Too much fear and it's down right terrifying. Thus... back to crisis stage again. Today is March 17th. I live in Raleigh NC. We are just about two weeks before coronavirus aka: covid19 is expected to bloom and wave across our country at an exponentially increasing speed. At this time we have about 4000 cases with expectations to rise into the millions if people don't stay at home and away from one another so we can collectively halt the virus just enough to get a handle on it. The goal is to flatten the curve and for a good reason. Thus we are shutting down life as we know it, hard pause. NOW IS THE TIME TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS AND EXPRESS YOURSELF.

5- DO YOUR THANG. If there's a thing you wanted to do, learn, play, say... do it now. If you have no idea what your thing is... explore. Look at who you follow or feel inspiration from. Chances are you follow them because you secretly like something they're doing that you'd like to do too. Maybe it is to write a book, explore poetry, start a podcast, learn an instrument, make a film, create a course.. the list of creative possibilities for you is endless! If you're seriously stumped. Let's talk. I help people navigate change and this surely is the time to find your sails so that you're not taken under. Snap. Did your stomach just drop? See...? Create something with that fear. Give all that energy a voice, a place. Don't let it stir inside you in isolation. Capish?

6- REALITY CHECK: I know these times are unprecedented. I urge you to breathe then breathe some more. In the presence of serious fear and crisis it is impossible to tap into anything expressive other than fear itself. Pause and realize that you're already creative, resourceful and whole. Creativity resides at the edge of chaos. To play with life's edges you must first acknowledge the reality of what's happening. Don't be a professional emu with your head in the sand. This is real. A global pandemic has spread across the world and it's knocking at your door. It's here and it's real. You'll get through this. We all will. We must. We are all we have. Start with you.. please. The world can't wait for you not to be your best you. We just can't. Breathe. Now go make something.

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Let's Talk at the Kitchen Table: Coronavirus/Covid-19

Not business as usual

Life is ebbing and flowing all the time. We don’t notice its undulations until we’re personally knocked “off course”. With coronavirus/covid19, we’re in for a wild ride.

My sweetness Greg Whitt of Drum for Change and I gently remind you that this is not a call for panic. It's a call for thoughtfulness, a time to buckle up and let go all at once. In the presence of this unprecedented change-- we invite you into our home for a community conversation around the kitchen table. Pull up your computer, your phone, your glass of wine and let's talk. Some of you may be scared, some of you may be thoughtful and planning, some of you may be wondering what the heck is going on? Let's talk.

We held a virtual community meeting on March 13th, 2020 to soothe nerves, share resilience resources and generate ideas on agility in the presence of change. It was recorded live. WATCH HERE. We plan on hosting these weekly as this global crisis spreads. To keep up to date with live video feed, subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Reality is— everything is connected. We’re never truly “off” from anything else. Change is a constant that which we can plan for only so much. Self similar patterns repeat but never exactly the same. The beauty is— the unexpected twists and turns can provide us with new ideas we could never imagine before. Let's all take a breath, show up for one another and be a part of what’s next. Let's create ways to bridge gaps, solutions and solace in the presence of the unknown.

With kindness, love and imagination.... Annelies (and Greg) ✨

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