Week 6, Term 4 - Friday 25 November 2022

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

Kia Māia - Be Courageous

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best

Kia Ora - Be Well

from our principal

How inspiring to see our Kōwhai team on their Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) week. Our year 6s have been having the best fun out at Te Wera despite the rain and a powercut!

It was beautiful to see the way our tamariki showed our values, especially in Kia Maia and Kia Manawanui, giving all the adventures a go and including, celebrating and being kind to one another.

Our Year 4 and 5 tamariki have been having plenty of fun connecting with one another and challenging themselves in events such as skating, swimming and tech challenges.

A shout out again to our whanau and kaiako who put in the hard mahi to make these events possible for our tamariki.

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Our Management in 2023

Our plans for 2023 are coming together well as we carefully consider the absolute best organisation of our kura for our children, kaiako and Puketapu School as a whole.

In New Plymouth, we are very pleased that a new Kāhui Ako has been formed to begin in 2023 and super excited that our school is a key part of it.

A Community of Learning / Kāhui Ako is a group of education and training providers (early learning services, kōhanga reo, schools, kura and post-secondary providers) that work together to help all learners achieve their full potential.

We are extremely proud that our Principal, Ngatai Walker, has been chosen to lead this new Kāhui Ako and also extremely proud that our Assistant Principal, Amanda O’Dowda has won a position as an Across Schools Teacher.

Ngatai and Amanda will still be at Puketapu School but taking their expertise to the group and bringing new learning back.

We congratulate them both and look forward to the shared learning that being part of this collective will bring.

We are also extremely excited about the opportunities this offers within our school and are delighted to announce our Management Structure for 2023 with this in mind:

Our Principal, Ngatai Walker, will continue to be supported by Deputy Principal, Corinne Sattler, who will continue to be Acting Principal at any time that Mr Walker is unavailable. Corinne will primarily focus on the strategic aim of Kawa o te ora - Nurture Wellbeing.

Mr Walker and Miss Sattler will be supported by not one but two Assistant Principals – Amanda O’Dowda and Micaela Westrupp, who will have oversight of the Senior School (Year 5-8) and Junior School (Year 0-4), respectively. Their key focus will be on Kawa o te ako – Effective teaching and Learning.

It's going to be a great year of learning!

We look forward to sharing more about our teaching team over the next few weeks and you can learn more about Kahui Ako / Communities of Learning at: https://www.education.govt.nz/communities-of-learning/

somadd... two weeks to go!

SOMADD stands for School of Music, Art, Dance & Drama.

It is our kaupapa for Term 4 which ends with a wonderful celebration evening to share our learning

This year we are celebrating our newest School Value - Kia Ora, Be Well and how we would like to show Kia Ora this summer in our community.

Please come and join us to help celebrate the end of the school year - Friday 9 December from 4.30pm (Main concert starts at 6.15pm)

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teachers vs students netball

Last Friday our staff had a fun game of netball against our Year 7 & 8 students.

The students didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the teachers came out to play in the school netball dresses.

Safe to say our Year 7 & 8 netballers are some of the best as they came away with the win. It was a fun game, in the rain and surrounded by tamariki cheering for both teams.

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school values

PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning

"While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about" - Angela Schwindt

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Don't forget to show Kia Ora and wear your sunhat and sun block when outside. Even if its cloudy: Term 4 = sun hats.

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There were lots of Duffy certificates this week, but some Superstars too.

We managed to snap these two Rimu tamariki who have been showing our School Values in class.

Well done Emily Judd & Allyssa Taylor from Rimu 3.

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Duffy Awards are given out for tamariki "Caught Being Good" at any number of things. Recipients get to choose a book to keep.

There were lots more happy readers taking books home this week - here are just a few:

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Office Duty Duffy Stars: India Mckenna, Charlie Ryan, Addison Leathley and Imogen Papprill

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Rimu Duffy Award Winners: Freya Collinson, Sienna Wallace, Indie Bird, Matayce Martin, Faith O'Brien and Liliana Hodson


It is so great to see our tamariki enjoying touch on Wednesday nights.

Our school values are being shown by our tamariki, coaches and supporters.

Thank you Kim Sowman for being the master organiser of touch and even heading down on Wednesdays to support and photograph our tamariki. #legend

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On the menu for next week...

Monday: Mac n Cheese

Tuesday: Macho Nachos

Wednesday: Chicken Tacos

Thursday: Bread Day (sandwiches, filled rolls or croissants)

Friday: Burger Day

thank you north point church

Our friends over at Northpoint Church arranged an amazing morning tea for our Puketapu Staff on Monday.

How lucky are we to have such a great community surrounding us!

Taniwha in Tōtara 1

Tōtara 1 has been writing descriptively this term about Taniwha.

We have been creating pieces of art based on our descriptions so we have to use lots of adjectives and we have been trying to use similies and metaphors as well. We have all created some amazing pieces and these are just a few.

"My Taniwha has sharp teeth. She can breathe fire. She has spikes on her back like mountains. She has a pointy tail. She has gems on her head. It has claws."

By Jayden Tamati

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"My Taniwha's pastel blue and purple long snake-like body can turn you into an ice crystal in seconds when you touch her. Her pastel blue and purple snake-like head is covered with slimy skin. She has six short, stubby little legs but she can run very fast. At the end of each of her feet are razor-sharp claws. She has a long scorpion tail, if you touch the tip you will die in an instant! Her lilac eyes can turn into an ice crystal if you stare into them. Her name is Crystel. She has a long pointy tongue that has poisonous silver. She has a long magical horn that glimmers in the sunlight. She is a trickster. She loves to trick her twin sister Stone. She can levitate things and herself. She lives in a deep, dark crystal cave with glow worms and a small puddle that reflects with the crystals. She has a pink crystal-like tummy that feels like crystals. She has miniature versions of the crystals on her head."

By Amalia Engebretsen

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"My Taniwha smells like smoke. His long back is very spikey like nails. His heart-shaped head is very big. His tail is like a pointy triangle. He breathes flames."

By Dylan Christmas

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"My Taniwha's pastel blue and purple scaly body has a razor-sharp spikey back, if you touch her you will turn into stone. She has almond-shaped sunset-coloured eyes. Her tail is sharp like a knife. Also if you destroy her home….. YOU WILL DIE. She can mind read so if you say in your mind something bad about her you will PERISH. Anyways, she can also fly to get her prey. She's also a shapeshifter, she can turn into any animal like lions, bears and pandas! She can also turn into a human. Her sunset eyes can also turn you into stone like medusa! Her crystal horns can turn you into stone instantly. Also, her horns are sharp like a chainsaw. She has a twin sister called Crystal. If you’re wondering what my Taniwhas name is, it’s Stone! Her feet are kind of like chicken feet and the claws are sharp like broken glass! Her nose is just like her eyes because it is sunset coloured."

By Mckayla Sabine Almario

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poems from kauri 3

Bring on summer... with these great summer poems from Kauri akonga.
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By Māhinarangi Rutene

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By Nate Stainthorpe

Tough Kid Challenge - next week!

The Tough Kid Challenge is a giant obstacle course and physical challenge which hundreds of year 5 to 8 students conquer each year.

This super fun event sees the kids climb over, under and through all sorts of obstacles while getting dunked in water tanks and being sprayed by the fire brigade as they race down the favourite obstacle of the day - the super slippery slide. It is great fun!

If your Year 5-8 child has not yet returned their permission slip, they must hand this in no later than Monday or they will not be able to take part.

this week at school

This week our Year 6's have been away at camp and our Year 4 & 5s have been enjoying all sorts of fun activities. There has been lots of learning and laughter all around our kura.
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Our Year 5s enjoying Bowlarama and Laser Force on Tuesday then Skating on Wednesday (who had more fun? The kids or the staff?)

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Tōtara 4 & 5 have been showing kia kaha with their writing

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Pippa Perkinson with her story and picture

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Waipuia Lomano, Harleyah Kipa, Ava Falaniko & Mika Falaniko winning the morning

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'Win the Morning' in Kowhai with Addison Leathley, Imogen Papprill and Gabby Scarlett

Health Notices

Please check your child's hair for head lice, we have had a few cases around the school this week.

Also, COVID-19 is still around our community so please be aware if your child starts displaying any cold-like symptoms and take care.

A callout for flowers

Our garden needs some plants and we were thinking some flowers would be great.

If you have any spare plants (flowers, small shrubs, ground covers) that would help fill this space, please let Paula or Kerie in the office know.

Big picture

Can you help us fill this boring space with colours and flowers?


Lost property is over flowing!!!

Please make sure you check the lost property over in the wharekai.

Anything left at the end of the term will be donated to charity.

from home

On Sunday, Imogen Papprill ran the Devon Mile (Part of the Coastal 5). Imogen practiced and trained hard for her run. "It was hard but also fun". Well done Imogen!
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If you have anything you would like to share or celebrate from home please email it to ksmith@puketapu.school.nz

home & school


Keep those goodies coming! Our SOMADD raffles are legendary and we want this year to be the best yet!

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The Team at the Four Saucemen have offered Puketapu Home and School a delicious fundraiser just before Christmas.

These rubs will elevate your Home Cooking or Barbecue cooking to the next level. This New Zealand company is all about family and supporting local. With several award-winning rubs on the market, they have offered the school the following selection. The team at Smok’n Comrades use a lot of these rubs & sauces on a regular basis and has become a staple in a lot of people’s cupboards around New Zealand.

Order online via this link https://forms.gle/bj1eVj83t8CKmoBK8


Happy Birthday to all the students who have Birthdays this week

  • Pippa Perkinson
  • Tayla Gorrie
  • Avery Phillips
  • Chayse Hodson
  • Natalie Corin

Upcoming dates

Upcoming Whole School Events/Dates

Please check the Hero App for more dates specific to your child's class.

Friday 2 December

  • Tough Kid Challenge, Hawera (Year 5-8)
    (Get your permission slips back by Monday at the latest - don't miss out!)

Wednesday 30 November

  • Road Patroller Aquatic Centre Day

Wednesday 7 December

  • Meet the Teacher for 2023

Thursday 8 December

  • Board of Trustees Meeting 5.30pm

Friday 9 December

  • SOMADD Community Event
    (open from 4.30, main show starts 6.15pm)

Wednesday 14 December

  • Final Student Showcase and Awards (Whānau invited) 10am @ Northpoint

Thursday 15 December

  • Last Day for 2022 - School finishes at 12pm

Community notices

kiwi conservation club

Join Forest & Bird’s Kiwi Conservation Club | Hakuturi Toa (KCC) to connect

with Aotearoa New Zealand’s wildlife and wild places, and to act for nature, in

fun and engaging ways.

The club is aimed at 5–13-year-olds, and membership comes with a whole host of benefits,


  • Wild Things magazine – the coolest kids’ conservation magazine around. Four issues are produced a year, covering a huge range of topics. They’re full of activities, games, stories, and ways to use your hands, eyes, and voice for nature. We love to publish content sent in by our members too.
  • The opportunity to go on KCC Adventures anywhere in NZ. Events are run by our local Volunteer coordinators (KCOs) through our network of KCC Branches. Have nature-experiences with like-minded people. Help out with conservation projects. There is a local branch in your area!
  • Entry to special competitions, challenges, and projects, and our youth reporter blog.

Membership starts at just $24 per year. We have special gift pack options too which come

with extra goodies!

For more information about the Club, and joining up your kids, go to www.kcc.org.nz,

email kcc@forestandbird.org.nz, or ring 0800 200 064 to speak to our membership team.

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good seed trust feedback form

Kia ora school whānau,

Good Seed Trust is connected with Anya Pochings role here at our Kura. They are currently seeking feedback around Bell Block Community. If you can please take two minutes to click on & complete the below link.


You go in the draw to win a voucher/appliance.