My Mount Rushmore

By Savannah Wagner

About Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial has the faces of four former presidents: George Whashington,Tomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt,and Abraham Lincoln.Mount Rushmore was designed by Guzton Borglem.Also, it’s near Keystone,South Dakata.It was finised in 1941.If i could design my own Mout Rushmore the four following people would be on it would be Christian Wagner,Kaitlyn Martin,Maddie Vodvarka,and Emily Beil.

Christian Wagner

The first person I would put on my Mount Rushmore would be my brother, Christian Wagner.He is nice to me.Christian helps me with my homework, and drives me places.Christian can be helpful.He helps me when I babysit.Also, he helps me when I don’t know how to spell a word.

Kaitlyn Martin

Kaitlyn Martin is the second person I would put on my Mt. Rushmore.She has

been my friend since second grade.Kaitlyn is an awsome friend and really funny.She

is fun to hang out with.Kaitlyn came to my birthday last year.

Maddie Vodvarka

If I could design Mt. Rushmore, Maddie Vodvarka is the third person I would

Put on it.She is a fantastic friend. Maddie helps me when I need to barrow

pencil.She is hilarious!When Maddie is being funny it makes me laugh.

Emily Beil

Finally, I would put Emily Beil on my Mt. Rushmore. She can be a fascinating

friend. She always has a story to tell.Emily is great to play a game with.Emily makes

up really fun.

Last Paragraph

At last you have read about the people I would put on my Mount

Rushmore.The reason I picked these people was because I have known them since

first or second grade.If you want to go to Mt.Rushmore,you'll see their faces

carved into the granite.