what will canada look like in 2060?

made by haris Waheed

Canada's future

Have you ever thought of what would happen to Canada in the near future? I have a feeling that this country will change dramatically in terms of geographically. What about demographically and in terms of the first nations?

Imagining Canada's Future
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Demographics current:

Currently Canada has a high dependency load relative to the population because we have a lot of baby boomers and elders that have to depend on the economy, most of the people in Canada are 45-59. Canada's birth rate(10.29) is almost the same as its death rate(8.31) which would give us a natural increase rate of 1.98. The average age for a woman to have a child in Canada is 28 and most of them have 1 child that's why Canada's fertility rate is 1.58 which is not enough to replace the population in the future like in the 1970's (2.26) for example, if we had a fertility rate of 2.26 today our population could replace itself, the minimum is 2.1 for a country. On average Canada grows 0.76% a year so in 45 years that number would be 34% (48 million people living in Canada).

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Demographics future:

(I couldn't find a demographic graph of Canada 2060 but found one of 2050)

I would think that Canada's birth rate and death rate would increase because of the population increase and it would. I would hope that the fertility rate would go to atleast 2.1 in the coming years so we can replace ourselves. In other words, if 2 sets of parents have 1 child each, then their is half as many children as parents and the cycle continues.

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Immigration current:

As of now Canada is taking in about 250'000 people yearly with a net migration rate of 5.66 .There are many immigrants coming from the middle east because there are many wars, terrorists groups and a lot of danger if you live there. They recently found Syrian children's bodies on the shores of Greece which would tell you the situation of the Syrian's and the refugee crisis. Only 3000 Syrian refugees live in Canada today. Furthermore the economic immigrant is the largest group of immigrant to enter Canada and makes up most of the immigrant population.

Immigration future:

My prediction is that Canada will be in war in the years to come, and Canadian refugees will be going to some other country to live in peace


As of right now, aboriginals count of 4% (1400000) of Canada's population. The aboriginal fertility rate is 2.6 which is higher than 2.1 the minimum so that basically means there culture will survive for some generations to come. Furthermore, for every 1000 aboriginals 18 babies die. I predict in the coming years that aboriginals will triple in size.


when im 60 by haris






From everything above are all my predictions above, Canada will continue to grow, there will be more old people. The aboriginals will grow larger and larger because they are in stage 1 of the population pyramid which is expanding. All of these might come into the making sooner or later be we will have to wait until then.