Land of "The Rock"

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Rockistan is located in what used to be the lower South-West part of Russia. It borders Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The total area of the country is around 200,000 square miles. The landscape of Rockistan consists of fertile plains, boreal and temperate forests, and plateaus. Most of the central region of the country is filled with large forests, which are a large part of our natural resources. Our landscape is home to a wide range of animals and plants. Our climate is a mostly humid subtropical climate. Since it is located on the most southern part of Russia, the temperatures are not the extreme lows that other parts of Russia have.


The population of Rockistan is estimated around 20,000,000 people. Most of the population live in more rural cities with the larger cities spread out around the country. The 3 largest cities within Rockistan are Weightsville, Musselton, and Ehrenberg.
The national language of the country is Russian. There are many other co-official languages, some of the most popular ones being Abaza, Kabardian, Chechen, Cherkess, and Ukrainian.
The countries life expectancy is 80.3 years old. With heavy restrictions on the type of food that is distributed throughout the country (no fast food/limited unhealthy food), President Johnson has been successful in keeping the country healthy. Johnson has also put in better and more affordable healthcare systems.
67% of Rockistanians are of the Christians (including Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and non-denominational). Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism make up the remainder of the religious population, with Islam being the second highest.
Rockistan followed in the footsteps of Russia and grants its people a free education. Education in state-owned secondary schools is free and University level education is also free. It currently has the second most college-level or higher graduates (percentage of population) in the world.

Politics & Government

Rockistan is a dictatorship, which means there is only one party, and the people have no parties to take a side on. Only the party of the dictatorship is present, which is controlled by the President, Dwayne Johnson. It is an autocracy, which meant that our leader, President Johnson, holds all the power within the country. The people may elect members to a lawmaking council every 3 years, but their decisions are still not law until it goes through the President, which sometimes causing unrest among the population when they have no say in their government.
Along with being an autocracy, the country is also a totalitarian. This allows President Johnson to keep control and order the way he sees fit within the country by restricting certain things such as what all can be traded by companies and can limit the amount of kids you can have, which doesn't leave many rights for the citizens. He also restricts the freedom of speech from his people, and censors any propaganda against the government or the country. President Johnson feels in a time where many countries possess nuclear missiles it is important to protect its citizens from foreign enemies and internal enemies by curtailing freedom of speech in order to prevent propaganda and spying which may undermine the national interest.
The distribution of power is done through a Unitary Government, all of the power is held by President Johnson and his agency. Even though there are provinces set up throughout the country none of them have any power, and have to abide by what the President says, such as when he says what the minimum wage is and who companies get to trade with the provinces have no say in it.

President Johnson is also very pro-military. He has built the Rockistanian military up to one of the best military superpowers. The countries foreign relations are both good and bad. The good relations are with those countries that they trade with, as many countries rely on the supply of its natural resources. But with it being a communist country, it also has its enemies. United States, among others such as Poland, Japan and Romania are against "The Rocks'" communist ways. But as some of those countries against what Rockistan is about, they still do vast amounts of trade with them, so they stay mutual trading partners to not stir anything up.


Rockistan's economy has developed into a high-income market economy with fairly large natural resources, predominately in oil, natural gas and lumber. Those resources make Rockistan a very important trader among the middle east, as the country is one of the highest oil exporters. It has the 18th largest economy in the world. Since the turn of the 21st century, higher domestic consumption and increased political stability have boosted economic growth in Rockistan. Unemployment rates are at 4.8%. Along with a large oil and lumber supply, Rockistan has thousands of miles of cultivated land. Agriculture is also a big part of the country. Rockistan relies mostly on natural-gas plants for its energy. It also contains a single nuclear plant.