My colony is ...... Connecticut

Founder of my State

Tomas Hooker

Tomas Hooker was the founder of connecticut


The Region

New England

New England is the region of connecticut

The Longitude and Latitude

41.N & 72.W

The Economy


The economy for crops is.....

milk, eggs, clams, oysters, cattle, calves, and hogs

2-3 Famous People

Famous People

Dean Acheson- Statesman,Middle town

Ethan Allan- American Revolutionary Soldier

How Did Connecticut get its Name

How Did it?

It got its name from the Connecticut River

What Was The Main Reason That People Settled Connecticut?

Well They Settled There Because

They Wanted A Better And New Life

Why Would I Want to Live There

Why Would I

I Would Like To Live There Because....

IT has a lot of good History

Why Would I Not Want To Live Here

Why Would I

I Would Not Like to Live There Because.....

IT Has Bad People And Bad Weather



1-the state animal-sperm whale

2-the state bird- robin

3-the state insect- praying mantis

4-the state flower- mountain laurel

5-the state shell fish-eastern oyster

6-the state tree- the charter oak

7-the state fish- american shad