Explanation of the setting

The book Cinder takes place in New Beijing, China.

Overview of plot

Cinder (a cyborg mechanic) lives with her stepmom, Adri, and her stepsisters , Peony and Pearl. One day, the prince came to her and asked if she could fix his android. Cinder later on heard that the prince would marry Queen Levana (the queen of the Lunars/people from the moon). Adri blames Cinder when Peony gets the plague (a disease), and she voulenteers Cinder for the cyborg draft (they send cyborgs to test the antidote for plague).Find out the rest for yourself.

Explanation of the characters


The main girl character in the book. A gifted mechanic who is a cyborg.

Prince Kai

The prince of New Beijing.


Cinder's mean stepmother (Now do you see how it's sort of related to Cinderella).


Cinder's nice stepsister who got the plague (a very bad disease that cannot be cured).


Cinder's mean stepsister who threatened to tell the prince that she was a cyborg.

Queen Levana

The evil queen of the lunars who killed some of her family member.

Dr. Dimitri Erland

A scientist that tests the cyborgs from the cyborg draft

Elements of sci-fi

This is a sci-fi book because

  • It has cyborgs
  • It has people from the moon
  • there are med-droids to assist doctors.


I would recommend this book to others because it is a book from the future that is very surprising.