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Important Upcoming Events for November

Sixth Grade Camp Update

Important Camp Information

The 6th graders will leave for camp on Monday, November 26, 2012. Please have all camp fees in by Thursday, November 15. If you've indicated on the camp form that your child needs a special medication that is not supplied by the camp, please be sure you have completed and returned the white medical form and that it has your physician's signature on it. Also, along with the medical form, please be sure to bring the medications to the Health Office no later than Thursday,November 15.

Busses for camp will be leaving promptly at 8:40 a.m. Please be sure your child is dropped off at school, between 8:00 and 8:20 am. The sixth grade teachers will meet their students on the Kindergarten playground and take attendance before loading the busses. The students need to deposit their luggage on the Kindergarten playground and look for their teacher. If you are staying to see the busses off, please park on the street and not in the staff parking on the side of the school or in the Plaza parking lot. Please do not park in the bus loading zone on El Apajo, as the camp busses will be parking there - and there are 3 busses this year!

The children will return on Friday, November 30, between 12:00 and 12:45 p.m. - all depending on traffic. They will disembark at Solana Santa Fe and the luggage will be unloaded as quickly as possible. Please be sure you are here to pick up your child in front of the school. They are dismissed from class and will need to go home at this time.

Don’t forget to write your child a letter and get it to his/her teacher by Thursday, November 15. The teachers will hand these notes out to the students while up at camp – all the children love getting a special note from home!

Click the link below for a list of items your child should bring with him/her to camp – please mark your child's name on all belongings! Remember, please do not have your child bring: money, candy, gum or food of any kind, flashlights, knives, hatchets, matches, hair spray (and other spray items), radios, ipods, cell phones, electronic games, hair dryers, makeup, perfume or cologne, curling irons or dangling earrings. The camp also advises not to bring a watch or jewelry of any kind as they are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Link to Camp packet with Packing List (scroll down):

Walk Through Ancient Civilizations

The Sixth Grade Walk Through Ancient Civilizations will be held this Friday, Nov. 16th in the FAB.

Walk Through Times:

Dischler/Rampino 8:45-11:15

Taunt/Rampino 11:45-2:38

Parents are welcome to attend! Your child should have their part(s) memorized and have a costume that represents their team (Egypt, Greece, and Rome). When in doubt, a nice light colored sheet makes a fantastic and fashionable toga or tunic.

Gold Medal Reading (aka Books and Beyond)

**Parents, please log on with your child to to input your email address if you have not already.

Thanksgiving Break is a great opportunity for your child to enjoy a good book. Many of the sixth graders still need to log their first completed book online. Please encourage your child to read, log their completed books, and check their gold medal status online this week or during the holiday week.