Anime vs. Cartoons

Look at what's so different people

Everybody says, they're the same thing, whatever! Does this look like a cartoon!?!➡️

Why? Just why?

Does it make any sense to call anime a cartoon? NO!!! Why should it be called a cartoon if the only visible thing in common is animation and voice actors! The animation doesn't even look the same anyway so why are people so insistent on calling it a cartoon?

Can cartoons do this so easily

Let's Get Started

Cartoons v.s. Anime

(Honestly though which would have a better chance at giving you more emotion for this scene?)cartoons are good I watch them all the time but anime is better while cartoons focus on making us laugh and stuff anime focuses on real life emotion and tries as best as possible to make it seem real, real enough to make you cry when you need to or laugh or have an awe moment or the most lovable one, WHAT THE HECK!!!!! ;). While we have all of these moments cartoons and anime have theme songs I think the cartoons theme songs are super catchy and fun but anime takes the emotion and theme of the whole anime and makes a beat to go with it making the theme song the Lapus Lazuli song below is my personal favorite anime song It goes to an anime that is about a weak prince who has to reclaim his fallen kingdom I couldn't think of anything specific so I got a bunch of songs from various cartoons that I also personally like and have heard and watched both the songs and cartoon at least once enjoy the difference:). An extra anime song I like ALOT is in the link if you want to hear it.

There is a difference😉

Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful as to what the differences are between the two
ENGLISH "Lapis Lazuli" Arslan Senki (AmaLee & Miku-tan)
「English Cover」This Game ( No Game No Life OP1 ) Full!【Jayn】