Prestwick STEM Academy

Preswick Profile Community Vol. 16

Read, Read, Read

Students at all levels on campus are being encouraged to read, read, read. Reading should be something your learner does often and for a variety of reasons. It should be done for pleasure as well as to study/gain necessary information. We are working with learners to think critically about what they have read and make connections to the text. Does the reader relate to a character or an event that may have happened to them?

Reading is a complex process and we continue to work on the many skills it encompasses such as fluency and comprehension. Fluency is the rate and smoothness with which a learner is able to decode and read words. Our goal is for learners to read similar to how they speak and with a steady pace. Comprehension is being able to deeply understand what they just read in order to explain it and answer questions about it. To build comprehension we encourage learners to read and reread. It is okay to go back and read something again to find the answer we need- we do it as adult readers.

One last tip is to promote strong readers is to allow your child to see the ways that you use reading in your daily life. Share your favorite type of book and spend time reading together when possible. The time spent reading benefits a learner in so many ways including becoming better writers.

Book Fair late night- 11/18

Prestwick's first book fair is in full swing. Students have visited with their classmates and created wish lists of books which they have interest in. This Tuesday, 11/18 the book fair will remain open from 5:30-7:30 pm for families to visit. The last date to purchase is this Friday, 11/21. Don't miss out on the chance to add some wonderful titles to your home library.

Square 1 Art Projects

Our learners have many exceptional talents. Students in K-5 and Art 6-8 electives have created a piece of art which as been submitted as a print. Square 1 Art order forms came home with students last week. You can return orders to school to have your child's art work put onto items such as mouse pads, potholders etc. There are all kinds of ways to keep these precious memories. Deadline to submit orders is Dec. 1st. Orders will be arriving back to Prestwick before the Christmas Break!

For specific questions you can reach our Art teacher, Vanessa Griffin at

Community Involvement- LovePacs

Prestwick has a core value of being solution focused. We know the key to being solution focused is to see areas of need and identify ways to meet those needs. We wanted to spotlight a local organization that does that for our very own community. The Lovepacs organization serves students in the local area with a variety of basic needs. If you or someone you know wishes to be involved please see this as just one of many opportunities to help in our local community.

Are there opportunities for me to get involved with Lovepacs?

Yes! Lovepacs relies not only on volunteers to give of their financial resources

but also their time. During various drives throughout the year we need individuals

who are willing to sort, count, shelve, and pack inventory. Please stay in contact

with us through our Facebook page ( and

through our web page ( for dates and times.

Please contact us for any other questions you may have.

Find us at and like us on Facebook at