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The Importance Of Making Math Engaging

More so than ever, engaging students in the math process is vitally important. Gone is the idea of just "drill and kill" math classrooms. This type of classroom was fine for those of us who naturally "got it" in math. But what about the others? Author Jessica Lahey recently wrote an article on Steve Strogatz, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, who has created and is teaching a math course just for Liberal Arts majors. He believes it is not the material that non-math people hate, but the way the math is taught.

This philosophy is one I have believed and followed, and one, I think, we must all consider as math educators. Read Ms. Lahey's entire article here:

Math Common Core Flow Chart

Ever wonder what students need to know before you teach a standard? In what order should standards be taught? This website has an awesome interactive flow-chart for each grade. Scroll to the bottom of the page to put in the grade level you want to see. Thanks to Todd Bevill at Benton High School for sharing this with me!

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