Lineville Technology

By: Elizabeth Huff


You had to make a trailer on iMovie. You could pick any theme you would like to make it of, a common one is about family.

I thought it was pretty fun, but getting the photo's was very difficult. The reason it was fun is because you could pick any theme, you did HAVE to present it, and that it was technology and not paper.

iTrailer was a little hard to work with, but you get used to it. The problem is that there might be way to much picture slots and you don't have enough.

Haiku Deck

What you had to do was make a haiku about your dream job, but the thing is you have to present.

From what I thought of it was that it was really cool and you could fine more information about your dream job, but once you present its a little intimidating, if you are like me there might have been to much to list and you don't want to add more time to your presentation time. But don't worry you will be fine!

Haiku Deck is easy also, it just made everything easier for you because you could pick what background you could have, but I'm not listing all the details here. But you do whatever you want, as long as it is related to your dream job.

Explain Everything

You go to Schoology and to the folder the teacher shows you, and you pick one math problem from the folder. And you make a presentation on Explain Everything about how to solve the math problem. But you don't have to present.

I thought it was cool because you didn't need to present, and you could pick a hard problem or an easy one.

It was easy at first, but once you got to the speaking part. All you had to do was type the problem , record you saying the problem, and record how you did the problem.

Typing web

You go to the lvwagner symbaloo and you click on "Learn to Type" and it brings you to the website. You go on this for five minutes each technology class at the beginning of class so it warms up your typing skills.

Its pretty easy so you shouldn't have a problem getting on and typing. All it does is it gets you used to typing without looking at your keyboard. Plus there are levels you could get passed and each level you get passed it gets a little harder.


To get there you go to the lvwagner symbaloo and click on the box named "" and BAM! Your there. You do this to learn how to code.

Its pretty easy at first because all you have to do is drag boxes and put them in order so it moves the person in the little screen box thing. But it gets harder as you move on but you just need to keep on trying.

Its plain and easy, you just need to code.

Career Locker

Career Locker is used so someone could find there dream job or just find a job and research it so you know what its about. Mrs.VandenBoogaard comes in the classroom and guides you on you everlasting journey of finding a job.

You need to find a job, research it, and put in a Haiku Deck to present it to the class. Don't worry others will be doing it also but not as the same time as you are. Its fairly easy so i doubt you would have any troubles.

iPad Apps

Explain Everything and iTrailer are all on you iPad. They both should already be downloaded automaticly. iTrailer is in iMovie all you have to do is make a trailer on there