Boston Massacre

Leaves 5 Dead

What Happened?

In 1768 over 1,000 more soilders British soilders or also known as red coats arrived in Boston under the control of General Thomas Gage. Tensions rose and turned to violence.

On March 5th 1770, A group of colonists started insulting some soilders standing in front of the State House. Between the two groups the insults were exchanged. Yelling and shouting names. The group of colonists grew, making the soilders fear there safety. Out of fear they fired on the crowd.

Five colonists were shot. Oneof them was was Crispus Attucks was one of them. People were furious when the name boston massacre became attached to the event. The news became filled with things against the British. Everything was made to make the British look like bad guys.

More Information

My Reaction

I don't think that the soldiers should have fired on the protesters, they were just standing up for what they believed. The soldiers are supposed to protect the people, not shoot at them when they speak there mind.

Sources :

American History By McDougal Littell