How To Survive A Rainforest

By: Keira Johnson, Karla Hostetter, and Jessica Showaltor


The very first thing you want to do when you are lost in a rainforest is building a shelter from storms and from animals. It is very important to do. Sleeping on the floor is not an option you have. For shelter, find a cave or big branches if you do not have a sleeping bag. Take a blanket or spare clothing, if possible, and hang it over the branches. If you are going to be staying here for a long time, try building a more homey home. Take some kindling and make your shelter with nails, screws, string, or anything else you may find.

How to make a fire when you have only natural materials.


1. Find some scrapes of wood or dead branches. The best burning wood is the dry wood. Wet wood takes longer to get started and keep warm with.

2. Arrange your wood in a tepee sort of shape or a log cabin.

3. Light your fire with matches or a lighter. If you have neither, rub two pieces of DRY wood together as hard and as fast as you can to get some sparks going.

4. Once your fire has started, put some more DRY wood on.

5. Now you have your fire!