St Mary's School

Thursday 14th April 2022

We belong to God, all in us is His - Catherine McAuley

Dear parents, children and parishioners,

I decided to hold the newsletter late last week so that I could share some of our liturgy pictures, our fun day pictures, our gifts from the community, our achievements and amazing resilience to get through this term.

I've also managed to get some information for next term so after a rest, you can begin to prepare yourself for term 2.

Speaking of term 2, Miss Hood is still the class teacher of Room Moa, but Mrs Gray will be the regular second teacher so that Miss Hood can do all the principal jobs that need to be done. I've been invited to Buckingham Palace for a Platinum Jubilee Garden Party to meet the Queen. This is to finally celebrate with my sister who was awarded an OBE a couple of years ago. I will be back soon with some great stories.

I am really looking forward to celebrating Easter, a time of light beating the darkness. The school has prepared the annual Passion play, which will be shared on facebook. I pray that each of you experiences the joy of the Risen Christ this Easter season.

Take care everyone, Annie

Easter Egg Hunt and a fun day was had by all!

Yesterday was a day for fun and fundraising for the local St John's. We have all had a long term without many exciting adventures so on Tuesday we had an ambulance visit the school, and Alex Parish from St John's (and from our Church) spoke to the children. On Wednesday it was a non uniform day with a visit from Mr Whippy, a sausage sizzle lunch, some games and then a run around with Vanessa and Gemma from the Home and School. It was a cracking day, thanks to everyone who made it so much fun, and better still, we raised $320 for St John's.
Thank you to PGG Wrightson, Balance and our amazing parent community for the whooping donation of $2634. This has come as each of you has donated $1 through some of your transactions. I was so excited to hold the big cheque! The money was already in the bank so we have purchased 6 chromebooks so that next term we will be able to share one or two chromebooks for some families who may end up at home. Currently with so many children here, and so many away we are unable to send the chromebooks home because they are still in use in the classroom. This donation gives us the opportunity to put aside a set that can be lent out if required.

Thank you so much from us all.

Local deliveries to our Rest Homes

Each year the St Vincent de Paul Society visits the local Rest Homes to deliver Easter eggs. Our school children make cards and usually go out with a member of the SVdP to visit with the eggs and cards. COVID, of course put a stop to that... but, never say never. This year we got the eggs, a bus driver named Johnny and a class named Moa. The bus arrived at the Rest Homes and in some cases the children got off and sang (from a distance) as eggs were delivered. For some homes it was a more personal delivery by Mrs Gray and Alice Nelson.


On Saturday the 19th of March my Dad had a heart attack and was taken to Gore Hospital A & E then they checked out his heart and decided to take him to Dunedin in the helicopter. He went straight into the cath lab where they treated my Dad’s heart.

A lady surgeon looked after Dad when he was in Dunedin hospital.

Thank you St Mary’s for cleaning up your rubbish and allowing the helicopter to land safely on the St Marys school courts.

A BIG thankyou to everyone from the Moriarty-Kelly Family

Brianna, Lachie, Josh & Reuben.

John Parson - Cybersafety

Last week I shared with you all a link from John Parsons about families that eat together heal together.

This week's clip is about children and online games - it's called a nosy parent is a loving parent. Either click the link below, or this one if it is playing

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Achievement information 2021 - Maths

In 2020 the staff team noticed that our day to day data we were getting in our classrooms for maths wasn't quite aligned with the recorded results we were getting across the year. The focus that we placed on reviewing our maths data (Annual Target 2021) was successful.

The staff interrogated data to find out why teach overall teacher judgment when compiling our narrative data and the progress and consistency (recorded, formal) results. This had to be done at a pace, and the results are clear:

Maths data - year end 2021 we had 93% of students working at or above the expected curriculum level (age related), this is a slight rise on the 91% from year end 2020.

As you will know from the previous newsletters, writing is our focus this year, and we will use the same techniques and focus we applied to maths last year to our writing teaching and learning.

Upcoming events

Week 11

Gospel and prayers, Annie

Thursday 14th - Easter Liturgy

End of term, school finishes at usual time Thursday 14th

Term 2 starts 2nd May

Week 2 9-13th May Rugby Monday 9th, Sports Activator, 10th and 11th

Year 5’s planting trees with Rotary and GDC Thursday 12th

Week 3 16- 20th May Whole school Mass Sunday - Confirmation with Bishop Michael

More information to come for term 2