Day & Night

Andi Vargas 8-4


Characters: Day Night.

Settings: Moves between country side and city.

Rising Action


Nighttime wants to be day and Daytime wants to be night.

Person vs. Person

Event 1

Daytime finds night time sleeping.

Event 2

After they fight day time shows a lady on the beach and night time tried and finds nothing.

Event 3

Day time has people in pool night time shows nothing again.


The climax is when...

The climax is when it is sunrise/ sunset day and night become the same person.

Falling action

Event 1

Daytime changes to nighttime.

Event 2

Night time changes to daytime.


How is the main conflict solved

When they finally became each other.

Movie moment

Which part of the plot do these characters' facial expressions show?

The facial expressions shows when they are jealous of each other.