Shark Attack!

by: Isaiah m second period class

Many people believe that sharks are blood thirsty monsters that want to kill us- but what if we are the ones killing them!

Shark attacks are one thing some people really seem to be afraid of, thinking of great whites and tiger sharks swimming around trying to find food . Sharks are some of the top predators in the ocean making them feared by many. Some people even believe that if a shark sees you they will immediately try to kill you, but research shows that sharks don't even like the taste of human flesh!

Sharks are also mistaken by appearances a lot thinking that a surfer laying on their board paddling is a seal. The only type of shark that would try to kill you at first sight is the tiger shark and only when the are extremely desperate. Tigers are known to eat anything though in fact people cut one open and found a gallon container of paint, a rusty hub cap, and a spatula!

Sharks will also attack you in fear self defense. Every year thousands of sharks are caught, butured, and used to make food, pills, and cosmetics such as lipstick. So really the sharks have a reason to attack us, we kill 50 times more sharks than they kill people! When you really think about it sharks are not that bad after all.

So the next time you hear someone talking about the " Blasted beast that took of my leg when i was surfing" you can say " it probably thought you where a seal".