1/2Hand Account Of Kitten Behaviors

BY: Lucia Sanchez-Vanderheyden

First Hand Account Kitten Behaviors

http://dailykitten.com/2016/02/riley-8/ Kittens have many different behaviors and I know some of them because I have a little kitten that lives in my house. When a cat or kitten's tail is up and he or she is walking toward you then the kitten or cat is saying hello or hi. When a cat or kitten pulls its whiskers are pulled back and laying flat against it's face it is showing a sign of aggression or fear. When kittens or cats have its whiskers pointed forward it is either excited, angry, or they are after something. Kittens and cats have many different ways to communicate with each other or just you.

Second Hand Account Kitten behaviors

If there ears are flattened they are either annoyed or frightened. There ears twitching backward and forward usually means I am