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#WEareRH - Friday, 11/3/17

ASVAB being given at RHHS - 11/15

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB will be given Wednesday, November 15th in the West Cafeteria beginning promptly at 8:00 am. It is open to juniors and seniors who are interested in the military as a career. No fee is required to take this test.

Students should plan to arrive at the testing site by 7:45. Students who arrive after 8:15 am will have to take the test on a later date. So plan to arrive early! The test lasts approximately 3 hours, so make sure your students eat breakfast on the day of the test.

Students can register (by November 10th) to take the ASVAB by clicking on the following link: https://goo.gl/mKaj3G

If you have any questions regarding the ASVAB, please contact Mrs. Lynch at 912-459-6403.

Yearbook orders & Senior Ads

Students are encouraged to order their yearbooks. Yearbooks are $70. Order yours by clicking the link below and using order #902.

The deadline to purchase a senior ad is 11/7/17. If you'd like to order online, click on the Yearbook Order link on the RHHS home page. Submit photos and a message by either emailing to richmondhillyearbook@gmail.com or delivering items to the school.

RHHS Yearbook Order Link

Reminders - dress code and cell phones

On Monday, October 30th, all of us - students and faculty/staff - are making a renewed commitment to following expectations for dress code. Students need to remember that the length of shorts/skirts/dresses must extend beyond the fingertip with arms at side.

For many students, this will mean the "sofee" or "wind" shorts will not be acceptable. Thank you in advance for helping your child choose appropriate attire each day.

As the temperature changes and it begins to get colder, please also remember that blankets are not allowed at school. Students are certainly welcome (and encouraged) to wear appropriate sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets.

We will also begin to limit access to cell phones during classes. Students may have their cell phone before and after school, at class change, and at lunch. During class, cell phones may NOT be accessible to students. Cell phone access and use during instruction poses a noticeable distraction. This expectation is being enforced in every class, every block.

Class Dues

Class Dues are $30 each year. Students pay only for the years that they were at RHHS. Dues must be paid online using MyPaymentsPlus. All dues must be paid by Friday, December 1st. Students paying after December 1st will incur a $5 late charge. For Juniors and Seniors, these dues cover the cost of your prom ticket. The deadline to pay dues and have the prom ticket included as part of your dues is FRIDAY, February 23, 2018. If you do not pay dues by February 23, 2018, and you choose to go to prom, you will have to purchase a prom ticket separately at a cost of $125. Thanks for paying class dues before December 1st.

AP Test Registration Opens Soon

Advanced Placement Exam Registration will open November 1, 2017.

Students may register for exams and begin making full or partial payments toward the cost of their AP exams beginning November 1, 2017.

Please visit the following link to register for 2018 AP exams:


SAT and ACT test dates and registration information

The SAT and ACT are given several times throughout each school year. Please click the links below for additional information about test dates, registration deadlines, and information about how to register.

SAT information

ACT information

Taking care of our students

Yes, there is something known as "good" stress.

Research reveals that stress can actually enhance performance and well-being.

Let’s shift our goal from asking students to stress less toward helping them stress better. Here are a few ideas to do just that.

  • Stop Highlighting Negative Consequences
    Focusing solely on the harm caused by stress indicates to students that stress is bad in an absolute sense, which is simply untrue. Thoughts like "Oh no, I'm stressed, and stress is bad" will only exacerbate the child's worries. The research confirms that stress itself is stressful.

  • Researched Benefits

    • Stress can help the immune system.

    • Stress can improve memory and learning.

    • Stress can improve decision making.

  • Cultivate a Positive Stress Mindset
    For example, during test time, a pounding heart can be reframed by saying, "Hey, a little stress is actually helping me on this test -- my body's giving me a little burst of energy and extra focus to get through this."

  • Encourage Contingency Planning
    The goal of stressing better is not for students to live in a fantasyland where they never encounter issues that cause real distress. Challenges will arise, and distress may follow. A backup plan can get students through it. So how is this done? Let's borrow a technique from goal-setting researchers.

Using if . . . then statements, create a plan to overcome the obstacles before they even happen:

If I miss study group this week, then I'll ask the teacher for private tutoring. If I feel nervous on test day, then I'll do a breathing exercise to calm myself down.”

Strategies such as these help us make the best of stress. Helping our high school students learn these strategies could prove very beneficial.