Warwick Weekly

News and Updates from Mrs. Adelman - March 25, 2022

Important Dates

Friday, March 25th: Today is the last day to order yearbooks online - please see flyer below

Friday, April 1st: Warwick Spirit Day

Warwick PTO News and Updates

PTO News
  • The Executive Board Nominations for 2022-2023 were announced at our general meeting on Monday, March 7th and are are included below. We will vote on our Executive Board members for the 2022-2023 school year at our general meeting on Monday, April 11th at 7PM in the library.
President: Rachel Kornblau
Vice President: Lisa Lockett
Second Vice President: Meghan Wojewodka
Secretary: Danielle Stumpf

Secretary: Samantha Krajewski
Treasurer: Kelly Marzullo
Treasurer: Kate Neft

  • PTO meetings will be held on Monday, April 11th, Monday, May 9th, and Tuesday, June 7th

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, April 8th: K.I.S.S. Event (Kids Invite Someone Special) Movie Under the Stars - flyer below
  • iRun4Life: Registration is now open - please see below

Spirit Wear:

  • Are you looking for some new Warwick Spirit Wear! Click here! Sale ends March 20th ~ use the code Spirit320-fs for 25% off. See flyer below!
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From the Desk of Mrs. Adelman

Hi Warwick Bears!

This week I sat down to write the annual principal message for our Warwick yearbook, and I had the opportunity to reflect on our school year so far. I would like to share some of my reflections.

I am so proud to be a member of the Warwick Bear community. We inspired each other to make a positive difference each day by following our Warwick four themes. Thank you for continuing to make this school year a wonderful, extraordinary success. Together as a community we continue to take risks, demonstrate grit, and honor our Warwick Bear Pledge.

Always keep striving and remember that each of you will succeed in your own way! As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be learned, discovered, created, and explored. Take every new journey and lift yourself to new heights!

Thank you for the incredible generosity of items sent for the Ukrainian drive put together by our Girl Scouts. This is just one example of the amazing contributions of our community!

Thank you for the continued support!

Mrs. Adelman

Social Media Matters

Each week we’ll be sharing some safety tips related to social media!

Today we’ll start breaking down the individual sites and the risks associated with those apps.


Hugely popular for the dance routines kids can emulate!

Some of the concerns for parents:

  • Many of the songs kids are learning dances to are inappropriate – reference innuendo and inappropriate words.
  • The dance moves themselves can be quite provocative.
  • Many trends are being started and guided by older men so your kids will be easier victims.
  • It is common to see innocent videos posted by young kids showing 20k - 300k likes by random users. One should be considering the 1000’s of adults who maybe accessing these videos, liking and commenting on them to build relationships with unsuspecting minors.
  • Experts believe adults are also grooming chidren to accept money for pictures of themselves.
  • There are many dangerous challenged being posted on TikTok – some that we will highlight in next week’s tips.

As always, if you choose to allow your kids to access these apps, the best way to keep them safe is to monitor, monitor and then monitor some more!

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback related to this content!

Kid Lingo - each week we’ll add to some of the verbiage kids are using these days and their meanings:

  • Can't Even = An expression that denotes various emotional responses when a person can't comprehend what was said or what's happening.

  • Cap and No-cap = Lying and not lying.

  • Chill = The new way of saying cool. "He's not uptight; he's pretty chill."
  • Facts = Used in response to a point well-made. E.g., Person 1: "This school is wack!" Person 2: "Facts."

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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration

Visit www.cbsd.org/register for more details, including necessary documents to gather in order to register your kindergarten students. PLEASE CONSIDER REGISTERING RIGHT AWAY IN ORDER TO AID THE DISTRICT IN ITS PLANNING FOR 2022-2023.

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