Modern Era!


A Map of Time

In 1793 the Chinese rejected the British requests for open trade. The British was offended by the seizure of their own property in opium, so they sent a large naval expedition to China to end the restrictive conditions under which they had long traded with that country. So they taught the Chinese a lesson about the virtue about free trade. To the Chinese, The Treaty of Nanjing, was represented to them as "unequal treaties."


Napoleon invades Europe

The French wanted to strike Britian, so they ordered Napoleon Bonaparte to invade Egypt. By seizing Egypt, France hoped to cut off British communication with India,its most valuable holding. So the forces managed to sail past the British fleet to land in Egypt. Napoleon's forces won decisive battles against the Mamelukes.

Tokugawa Japan

From perry's arrival Japan had been governed by a shogun(a military ruler) from the Tokugawa Japan. The chief task of this Tokugawa shogunate was to prevent the return of civil war among 260 rival feudal lords, known as Daimyo, each of whom had a cadre of armed retainers. With no national army, no uniform currency, and little central authority, Tokugawa was "pacified .... But not really unified."