Digital Citizen Project

Jasmine M . P:6

Rule#1 Digital Etiquette

  • THINK before you post. True?, Helpful?, Inspirational?, Necessary?, and is it Kind?. So pause or think before you post something online that isn't right or something that you will regret later on. Pause or THINK before you post

Rule#2 information privacy

Don't put private information online like your home address or phone numbers. Some websites can put viruses on your computer and mess up your hard drive. So don't open websites that look like fun that want your private information they can mess up your computer.

Rule#3 Social Networking

Social Websites

Ask permission from a parent or guardian before you go on any social apps or cites. Also

don't post personal pictures or humilating photos that you don't want online that you are going to regret later on.

Rule#4 Online Safety

Be careful what you do on the internet because make sure that your not putting any bad things make sure that when you have a social media account make sure that you tell your parents. When someone says something about you tell a parent or grown up. Be careful online it can be just as safe as playing outside if you follow directions.

Rule#5 Cyberbullying

Be very careful on what you put online especially if its mean because it could hurt someones feelings really bad. So Don't type when your mad if you want to maybe open a file or something then when your done when just delete. So be nice on the internet because you could possibly hurt someones feeling really bad.

Rule#6 Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious thing you can get in trouble for so when you use a saying like famous author, writer, or painter put quotation marks at the begining of the sentence and at the end . Also Plagiarism is like cheating of a test if a teacher catches you cheating you can get a zero or they can ask you to retake the test alone.

Rule#7 CopyRight

Copyright is when the internet protects a person things like their songs and etc. When you copyright something and a person wants to use it they have to get permission from the owner if they don't that is called infringement if they don't ask for permission they can get into serious trouble. So when you want to use copyright things get permission first.

Why is Digital Citenzenship

Why Digital Citenzenship so important? Well why it is so important is because they're are many different reasons, like how to be responsible on the internet . Also how to be nice online. Also how not to put any private information. Also not to do anything wrong like copyright or Plagiarism. These are all the important facts about Digital Citenzenship.