Family Traditions

Memories That Will Carry On...

Opening the First Gift on Christmas Eve

For as long as I can remember my mom has always allowed us to open one gift on Christmas Eve, right before we went to bed. This is a tradition that I enjoyed as a kid and whenever I start my own family I will continue this tradition because I know just how excited I was as a kid to open that first present. I want my kids to be able to enjoy some of the same traditions that my mom has done for me.

Christmas Ornaments

Most parents get their child a "baby's first ornament" and that's all and then the rest of the ornaments on their Christmas tree are a matching set of ornaments. My mom has bought us a new ornament every year. She's always allowed us to pick out our favorite one. Whether it be a simple ball, a shiny present, a volleyball, etc. Those were a few of my past choices! This tradition was always exciting as a child. We would always load up in the car, go to the Christmas store, and choose our favorite. This is a possible tradition I will carry on. I will decide when the time comes.

Future Tradition

When I start my family I plan to continue some of the past traditions my mom has done with my sisters and I as well as start a few of my own. I want to choose a destination and travel to the place for a week, once a year!