Heating up with influenza

By Janelle and Ryan

Basic Information

Structure: Protein Coat (Capsid), DNA or RNA, and enzyme

The virus attaches it self to the cell and takes over the cell.

Viruses use cells to reproduce because they replicate in the cell and break free from the cell.

Viruses are much smaller than bacteria and animal cells.

They are not living because they have no metabolism, can't reproduce, can't move, no respiration, they don't eat, and no cellular structures.


Influenza virus a


-high fever

-cough or sore throat

-runny or stuffy nose

-beaches or body aches



It spreads if a infected person cough or sneezes and touched a surface.

The flu is not fatal and 5-20% of Americans gets the flu each year.





-drugs doctor prescribed

-washing your hands

-covering coughs and sneezes