by Tyson thomas

Tennessee the volunteer state.

They help if need help and if you need something everything at tennessee likes to help you.

The state capitol

It's in nashville it's a building its not hard to miss it has been there since 1986 it's a big building

State bird: mocking bird be careful it mocks

Whatever you say it copy's with chirps its like a tape recorder that you don't have to press the button
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Rocky Top w/ Lyrics

State tree Liriodundron Tulipifera

it a tree that looks like a flower at first then a huge tree emerges from that tiny tree to a big huge tree
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State flower iris

Its found all over tennessee everywhere so thats why its the state flower
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Tennessee population

There are 6,454,935,002 and that's a lot.That's why it's a big state

and it has a holly wood in it to.

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The climate

It has warm summers mild winters and like 50%cold in winter
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The largest city in tennessee memphis

It covers the whole east part of tennessee and it is so big in looks like this
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The motto is shown above but ill say it to agriculture and commerce
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the governor of tennessee

Bill is the governor of tennessee he has a importatnt job keeping tennessee safe from harm.

US senotors of tennessee

They are lamar and bob they also protect tennessee their job is to be going places theve never benn and go to metting's
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the major producers of tennessee

Sweet corn is it.It spreaded through all the states now everyone has had it
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the states touching tennessee

They are Kentucky,Virginia,north Carolina,Georgia,Alabama,Mississippi,Arkansas,Missouri,Mississippi dang that's a lot of states!!

water that touches tennessee.

2.2% water touches tennessee.

date of birth in the united states.

It was in 7196 june first it was long ago and its the 16th state of the us.

visit menphis tennessee

Well a hollywodd is there 15 blocks away and right under the M on the sigh is downtown.

famous landmarks from tennessee

The pea body museum,Memphis Tennessee mud river.
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Morgan freeman

He stared in a lot of movies films .t.v shows he was everywhere he is one of the most famous people ever and guess what state he was born in you guessed it tennessee he is important to the united states of america
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why you should visit my state.

Tennessee is awesome and it has amazing stuff so you need to visit it they have every sport and one of the best professanal football teams.
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