The Real Cost


There are lots and lots of drugs out there designed for recreational use, however many of them have side effects, and they are very costly. Taking a look at different drugs and their effects on people will help you make the decision yourself on whether to use them. After all, I don't control you.

No images will be included due to graphic nature of some effects and most drugs don't affect people physically.

Legal Addictive Drugs

Caffeine and Theobromine

+ Legal almost in all parts of the world.

+ considered relatively harmless.

+ Increases muscle growth.

+ Cheap.

- Addictive.


+ Legal almost everywhere.

+ Cheap.

- Impairs judgement.

- Excessive consumption damages brain cells, sometimes killing.


+ Legal in most countries, but regulated.

- Not cheap in most places due to taxes.

- Is a carcinogen.

- Has many long lasting negative effects such as shortness of breath and increased chance of heart attack or stroke.

Illegal Common Drugs


+ Offers a temporary high.

- Expensive, usually up to $100 a dose.

- Kills brain cells, lowering IQ.

- Illegal in most parts of the world.

- Addictive.

Opiates/Opiods (Morphine, Heroin, Codeine, etc)

+ Legal by prescription.

+ Relieves pain.

- Heroin costs $131 a gram.

- Dull receivers in the brain if used excessively.

- Can be addictive.


+ Is a euphoric stimulant.

+ One of the least damaging illegal drugs (addicts can live up to 40 years after starting use)

- $215 a gram.

- Addictive.

- Illegal in most parts of the world.

Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, and Methylphenidate

+ All legal in the form of prescription medications.

+ All prescribed for ADD and ADHD.

+ Euphoric stimulation for those not being treated.

+/- Increase in focus, to the point of being a zombie.

- Methamphetamine costs $100 a gram.

- Addictive.

- Can cause seizures, coma, stroke, and other medical problems if abused.

Less Popular Illegal Drugs


+ However expensive, is cheaper than other drugs due to being done in micrograms.

- Psychedelic.

- $3000 a gram.

- Causes erratic/violent behavior.

- Addictive.


+ Euphoric Stimulant.

+ Cheap.

- Many after effects that are nasty to deal with.

- Addictive.

Sisa (Greek drug, Methamphetamine and Battery Acid)

+ Extremely cheap, goes for $1.30 to $2.60 a gram.

+ Euphoric Stimulant.

- Kills repeated users within 8 months.

- No memory of high.

- Users become incredibly aggressive.

Nyaope AKA Whoonga (South African Drug, crystal meth, heroin, cannabis, and anti-retroviral drugs)

+ Euphoric stimulant.

- Psychedelic.

- Causes adverse physical effects.

- Costs $2 a dose, however is so addictive that users often needs more than 3 doses a day.

Krokodil (Russian drug, similar in content and effects to heroin)

+ Easy to make.

+ Euphoric stimulant.

- Byproducts of the drug cause gangrene and destroy flesh (These byproducts remain in the drug unless it is made in a lab, which addicts do not have).

- Very addictive.

- Similar negative effects to heroin.