Presidential Pathways

By: Lance Byers and Cooper Contardo

Day 1


Stop by Patsy's Hot Dogs and Cool Cones for lunch. Take yourself on a Historical hike with the length of three miles! Treat yourself to Little Brother's Bistro for dinner. After the long day, check into Best Western. It is a three star hotel costing $94 a night.

Day 2


Buckhead Bar and Grill is a tasty restaurant to relax and watch ESPN. Visit the National Civil War Naval Museum to learn about the soldiers, sailors, and civilians of that era. When night comes, stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. It is a three star hotel costing $84 a night.

Day 3

Warm Springs

Mac's Barbecue and Steakhouse will fit your lunch hungers. Later, see what the Smithsonian at Warm Springs has to offer. Discover "Whatever happened to Polio" at the Smithsonian. For dinner, go to Thai House for Asian Cuisine. When the sun falls, stay in a hotel which is rated the 26th best hotel in Georgia by This is a four star hotel costing $189 a night.

Day 4

Pine Mountain

Go to Fox's Pizza Pen for lunch. Later, Visit Pine Mountain's Wild Animal Safari to see interesting animals up close. When a long day at the safari comes to an end, go to dinner at the Aspen's Mountain Grill. Spend the night at the Hampton Inn. The Hampton Inn is a three star hotel costing $104 a night.

Day 5


Cisco's Cafe will satisfy your hunger on the road trip. Enjoy observing the masterpieces at the LaGrange Art Museum. When Dinner comes around, stop at Country's Barbecue. The tiring trip near the end, so stay in the County Inn and Suites before you road trip back home. The County Inn and Suites costs $94 a night.

Unique Town~ The City of Oglethorpe

Oglethorpe is known for it's history and features in the city. The city is in Macon County, Presidential Pathways of Georgia. The city is named after James Oglethorpe, one of Georgia's founders. Oglethorpe is the county seat of Macon county and it used to be one of the largest cities in Georgia!

Special Restaurant~ Tonys Italian Restaurant and Pizza

Tonys Italian Restaurant and Pizza is a home town favorite. Tonys offers authentic Italian pizza. This restaurant is located near Fort Oglethorpe.

Historic location/Natural Feature~ Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens is a 6,500 acre resort located on Pine Mountain just outside of Columbus. There are many activities like zip lining, looking at exotic flowers, strolling through nature, and more!

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was the 39th president. He was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. He was also the 76th governor of Georgia.

Demographic Facts~ Population (2010 Census)

According to the 2010 Census, there were exactly 509,559 people in the Presidential Pathways (all counties populations combined).

Unique Plant/Animal

An ostrich is our choice for a unique animal, because of their eating habits. Ostriches eat sand and rocks so they can digest their food. There are many ostriches that live in the Presidential Pathways of Georgia. They are featured at the Wild Animal Safari in LaGrange.

Important School/College

We picked West Georgia Technical College as our unique college. We picked this college because it has it's seven county service areas, which is pretty big for a college!

Important Historical Event~ Civil War

The Civil War was fought between the North and the South from 1841-1845. It was a very bloody war and it devestated most of the South's infrastructure.