Supply and Demand

By: Allyson Snook

Item and Begininning Price

Jack's Pizza - 4 for $10 - $2.50

Section 1.1

Pop is water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, citric and/or phosphoric acid as well as natural and artificial flavorings.

Section 1.2

I think that pizza is a want more then a need. We can live without having pizza in our lives. We can find other things to eat and that are more healthier. I think that price lands in the evaluating choices step because we have to evaluate prices before you choose one.

Section 1.3

I think that we would still buy pizza in a recession because the price won't go up that much and that's what we are kind of in now. Now if we were in a depression we wouldn't buy it because we would probably need the money to buy things that are more of a need then a want.

Section 1.4

I think that if the price doubled we would buy less or about the same amount that we do now. If the price was less then we would probably buy more because this is a fast lunch or dinner for my family.

Ending Price

3 for $10 - $3.33