Sarah hendrickson

Youth Activist Project

When and where was he/she born ? / Who are his/her parents?

August 1, 1994 , 20 years old

She was born in Park City, Utah

Her father was a ski jumper in high school back in New Hampshire. Her mother was a cross-country and downhill ski racer who still runs ultra-marathons

What were his/her hobbies? / What were his/her interests?

Loves alpine and telemark skiing. Hobbies include running, skiing, biking, reading and soccer. Father and brother were ski jumpers which made her want to jump.

What is his/her work? / What is his/her goal(s)? why ? / Has he/she been recognized for their work?

Her work is skiing . Sarah Hendrickson is the first woman to ski jump at an Olympics, set her sights on winning a second straight World Championship. Sarah has been recognized for her work and she became a member of the Visa Team

What changes have they made? / Is he/she defying any type of organizations/government/etc.?

Sarah Hendrickson since she won the gold medal in 2013. She blew out her right knee in an Aug 21, 2013, crash and rehabbed quickly to return for womens ski jumping’s Olympic debut in Sochi, where she was the first woman to jump in the Olympics and finished 21st.

Definition of a hero ? / Would he/she be recognized as a hero? why or why not ?

A hero- is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage.

Yes because She's like a all timer pro, nobody would be shocked if one day she wins an Olympic gold medal. People would probably be more shocked if she didn’t. No matter what Hendrickson accomplishes from this day on, even if she goes on to realize her very real potential of becoming one of the all-time great women’s ski jumpers, the most significant moment of her career, when it’s all said and done, will likely have come in the midst of a 21st-place finish, most people look at her for being a row model