Battle of Stalingrad

"The time for retreating is over. Not one step back!"

The Germans

Hitler, the leader of the Nazi's, had conquered most of Europe and he was ready to give it a try at Russia.They had an agreement that Germany was not going to attack Russia. But then Hitler thought it would be smart to attack Russia when they are off guard.Hitler sent 3 million troops to make an attack and get the resources they need.


Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Russians, had caught Hitlers men heading towards Moscow. Joseph was not going to give up and he told his men to not take one step back, as in to not retreat or give up one bit. In response to this, Hitler told his men to never leave the city, keep fighting. This battle lasted 199 days, this battle became one of the bloodiest battles of the war. Germans were taking control of most of the buildings and streets in these places. Knowing they were weaker, the Russians kept on fighting and would not give up.