SCUBA Diving

Risks and rewards


The top five pros for scuba diving

having fun

Being able to explore


Go places

Good exercise


Top five cons/risks



Some of the water pressure hurts witch causes sickness


Sometimes you can get scared/lost

Two risks


  • One reward to scuba diving is exploring the underwater world."A diver will have a pleasure to be able to explore the underwater world’s beauty"
  • Another reward is that you get more relaxed underwater."Some people make the diving is not just a hobby but also an escape from the routine. For example, someone who is stressed or bored with a problem they had, they would soothe it with diving."

In our opinion SCUBA diving is worth the risk. On it clearly states that you are more likely get killed in a car accident then get killed SCUBA diving. SCUBA diving gives you many different opportunities to go new places, see new things and meet new people. Therefore if your looking for a new way to have fun and explore consider trying SCUBAdiving.


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