Newton's Laws

By: Gael Lopez

Newton's First Law

The Law of Inertia. Everything in motion stays in motion stays in motion, everything at rest stays at rest until a motion is applied to it. An example of this is when a soccer ball is a rest right before a penalty kick then the unbalanced force that would act upon it would be you kicking it.

Newton's Second Law

The Law of Acceleration. This law states that to conclude an objects acceleration depends on two variables: the objects net force and the objects mass. An example of this would be you kicking a soccer ball. The net force would be how hard you kick the ball and the mass of the ball would both determine how far the ball shoots. For example if you were to kick a soccer ball with the same force and do the same to bowling ball due to their masses being different the soccer ball with move further than the bowling ball.

Newton's Third Law

The Law of Reaction. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. An example of this is when you kick a soccer ball the action is you lifting your foot back and the equal reaction is the ball flying across the air into the goal.