My life

By Kathryn Turner

1st Aspect of my life - Faith

One of the biggest aspects of my life is faith. I am a Christian and I attend church every Sunday so I can grow in my relationship with my faith.

2nd Aspect of my life - School

My whole life i have gone to school and i have always been eager to learn new things almost everyday. I have been a straight-A student my whole life because of my dedication and my parents pushing me to do the best I can.

3rd Aspect of my life - Family

If I were to turn to anyone for any advice, it would be, without a doubt, my family. They have helped me through all my problems and I love them more than they will ever know. In my family, I have my mom and dad, my sister Lauren, and my dog Cooper.

4th Aspect of my life - Soccer

The last Aspect of my life would have to be soccer because no matter what, I have always found it fun (For the 4 years I've been playing it) and it also keeps me active and on my feet. I hope to play this sport for as long as I can, for I feel at home when I am on the field.