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Today's topic: Germany v.s. France and the Allies


That is the question everyone asked in Cherbourg. May 29, 1940, was the day that the war started to really effect this small area in France. Planes swept over the beach that four people were conversating on, not expecting bombs to drop on them killing one, and seriously injuring the others. Weeks later, the Germans bomb Paris. This causes many casualties. Some people found the tiniest things to be optomistic about this tragedy. Thankfully Hitler hadn't bombed any of the famous buildings.
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The Takeover

"The German Army, led by General Rommel, approached Cherbourg. What was left of the French Army fought hard to defend us. As the battle drew nearer, the sounds of bombs and shooting grew louder from the hills behind the city." This is an excerpt from the book For Freedom by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.It tells of a story about a girl who goes through this war and helps out her country, France. In 1940, France surrenders to Germany, creating conflict between the citizens.The Nazis begin taking over houses in Cherbourg, forcing people to take what they can, making the people say dirty Germans.

Below is a photo of Nazi soldiers marching into battle.

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General de Gaulle

During all of this chaos, General de Gaulle goes to England so he can try and help his caving country.

Rations and disappearances

There is a shortage of cigarettes, flour,chocolate, and sugar. This is just the beginning of disappearances. Soon loved ones and strangers begin vanishing. "Why?" is the question everybody keeps wondering. Each person begins to realize that all these people missing are Jewish. Nazis then force everybody to burn anything that was owned or created by a Jew.

Welcome Back Home

In the Fall of 1941, the Germans leave the houses they stole. People flood back, only to find walls damaged and sentimental items missing.


In July, 1941, Nazis begin to capture Jews and take them to the concentration camps in cattle cars.
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More Bombs

"The Allies bombed Cherbourg. I could see the planes far off and hear the noise of their engines. I saw the bombs fall. I began to run even before the sounds of the explosions reach my ears. They were after the arsenal, I was sure. The arsenal was a treasure trove, and the allies wanted it destroyed."This is an excerpt from the book For Freedom on page 96. It is a really good description of what was going on during this terrible time, and show how wonderful it feels to be closer to freedom.

November 11

German and Italian forces take over Vichy France. Now all of France is under German rule.

The Invasion

The Allies finally invade France, putting citizens one step closer to freedom. Everybody at the time knew it would be hard, but not impossible.
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There were several spies that worked for France that helped their country by passing in messages that would get to the Allies. This came with a risk for your safety and the safety of others around you. If the Nazis expected you, they would take you in and question you. Then, if they've heard enough or not enough they would kill you. Many spies were captured and killed until something absolutely amazing happened, saving two spies.

The Amazing Thing

On Tuesday, the sixth of June, 1944, the Allies invaded the beaches of Normandy and saved many peoples lives.