Landon Koger

Southern Ocean

In the deciguous forest, there are many different types of trees that act as producers. Coming in different sizes, shapes, and sometimes color, they all tend to serve the same purpose. These producers all provide as a food source for 1st level consumers. The first level consumers in the particular biome consist of Pika, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Douglas's Squirrel, and Pacific Tree Frogs. All of these consumers feed off of the producers. So, for them easy food? Yes. Safe life? Not so much. They are the main source of energy for the 2nd level consumers. Consisting of the Ringtail, Pine Marten, and Black-Tipped Rabit, these consumers love them some Pika and Tree Frogs. Then there's the big boys, the tertiary consumers. The Mountain Lion and The Coyote. These 2 will feed off of any 2nd level consumer there is, sometimes even eating babies of other tertiary's or their own kind, they're swift and hungry predators. And they don't miss too often.
Humans impact the environment in many ways. From simply dropping a piece of trash on the side of the road to destroying forests to build home. Either it had a negative effect on the life on animals, and we don't even take a moment to care. Animals lose their homes, die of starvation, and there are many more circumstances. You wouldn't like it if some big bulldozer came up to your home and ran it over, now would you? Or if people intentionally polluted the water you drank, would you? So why do we do it to animals, and beautiful trees and ruin their lives? Animals have feelings too.

Believe it or not, humans can actually have a positive impact on the forests as well. Hunting laws and hunting seasons, for example both help the deciguous forests. By having these certain laws and seasons, it keeps the flow going just how it needs to with the right population of all animals, not too many and not too less. Without these laws, honestly think about the way we could effect the environment negatively. But, with these we keep it going nice and smooth.