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We are excited to introduce our very first digital edition of our school newsletter. We hope this will be a much more convenient way to receive these. We hope you enjoy!

It's hard to believe that we are already seven weeks into school! A lot has happened in these first seven weeks. We have had a jog-a-thon, bike to school week, rolling recess, and Rock your School day. It has been fun to see the students involved with the various activities and see them in their classroom environments, immersed in learning.


Rise is our new slogan! It stands for Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, and Empathy. We are focusing on and teaching our students these traits throughout the year. Our students learned a song to go along with this. Ask your child and they will sing it to you!!

Harvest Party

Harvest Party

Oct. 31, 2019

Dear Parents or Guardians,

This year students may wear their costumes to school on October 31st. Students need to adhere to the following guidelines to be able to wear their costume at school:

1. Costumes must be free of blood, gore, and violent themes.

2. Costumes must be free of gang affiliation.

3. Costumes must be school appropriate

4. Elaborate make-up is not allowed.

5. Student faces must be clearly visible. No full-face masks are allowed.

6. Students are encouraged to consider dressing as book characters, heroes, or historical figures.

Students not wishing to participate in the festivities may go to the library during the Harvest Party time.

I am looking forward to seeing all the exciting and creative costumes that students have this year!

Upcoming Events


  1. If you are driving your child in the morning to school, please remember the front loop is for drop off only. If you need to walk your student in, please park in a parking spot. Parking in the loop causes an unsafe situation for other students and families arriving.
  2. We love having parents visit their children at school. Contacting your child's teacher and helping in the classroom is a great way to do that. We are asking that parents do not attend recess with their child. Recess offers a great opportunity for children to develop social emotional skills. Our recess staff is available to help solve problems and unknown adults on recess cause confusion.
  3. Please help remind your child that all personal sports equipment, small toys, and games need to stay at home this year!