March 11, 2019

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You must have access to your Renweb account to re-enroll your child.

You will login to and log into your own Renweb account.


1 of the grades is full and several others are filling up quickly.

All re-enrollments are completed online.

Here is the link to Re-Enrollment information.We have heard that some parents had difficulty using the APP, yet some were able to without any issue. So, if the APP does not work for you it may have something to do with your particular phone or carrier. In that case, please use a desktop computer. It is easier on the computer regardless.


You can also pick up a printed copy of the registration information in the school office.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Referral program and recommend our school to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. For more information, please contact the business office. We are especially interested in referrals to our K5 and VPK classes this year.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Mackey


All are invited the the PTL March meeting/Potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share. The meeting will be held beginning at 6PM in the auditorium.

PK2 Enrollment

We have space for only (12) 2 year olds in this class. It always fills up quickly. We know that we have many students who have younger siblings who are the right age for this class. We want to make sure that all of our younger siblings get a space if desired. If you have a child who will be 2 years old by September 1st, please take care of this registration very soon.

A very good article for you to read

In my 30+ years in education, I can tell you that kids in general have changed a lot. This article does hit on some of the reasons why this might be. Please read.

Coming soon....More info to follow

An 8 Week Family Enrichment Program will begin on Monday, April 1st.

This will be open to the first 15 families who enroll.

There is a nominal fee of $20 to help offset the cost of the 8 weeks worth of meals that are provided (Yes, you don't have to cook dinner on Monday night for 8 weeks).

Be on the lookout for the enrollment form and return it promptly.

I-Ready and IXL

Parents, I shared information with you months ago about these two programs that we have purchased for our students in K through 8th grade to use to supplement to help improve their skills. To my surprise, many parents do not seem to know about the programs or the child's weekly requirements for them.

Students should be using both the I-Ready (Reading) and IXL (Math) at least 45 minutes per week. We just finished the 2nd assessment period and there is a definite connection between the number of minutes per week spent on the program and the improvement that is evident based on the scores. And, they have to be quality minutes when the student is actually focusing and trying to work on this, not just mindlessly sitting in front of the screen.

Please make sure that your child is doing the required number of minutes. They do have some time at school but it really is something to be worked on at home. We all know that kids waste at least an hour and half a week on mindless things like video gaming and television. 45 minutes per week in math and in reading on the computer is really not excessive.

If you have any questions, please see your child's teacher.

APPLE Watches and other Smartwatches

There will be an update in the handbook but in the meantime, please note that Smartwatches should not be coming to school Think about what a child could do with a Smartwatch and the possible consequences. If a Smartwatch comes to school, it will be treated as if it is a cell phone and will be confiscated. Please save the smartwatches for other times.


We had a wonderful time at the Gala and raised a nice sum of money for our bus fund.

I know that all of the parents who attended had a marvelous time. Plan on attending next time if you did not!

We appreciate the support of our parents who made donations for our staff to attend and donated items or funds for the class baskets.

A photo video will follow next week for your enjoyment.

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Join us for worship on Wednesday evenings during Lent

All are invited to join us for worship every Wednesday at 7:15PM

All School Chapel, Ash Wednesday Receiving Ashes

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Dr. Seuss birthday in K5B

We had special visitors this week!

We were privileged to be the first stop of this Christian performing group from Denmark as they begin their tour/visits throughout Florida and the lower east coast. The student's really enjoyed their inspiring and upliftings messages that were very meaningful to their lives.


Perhaps you have seen this on the news or on your own social media pages. There are several very scary and potentially dangerous things being shared and children are seeing them.

The first is MOMO. I have included a link for your review. This encourages suicide

The second involves subliminal messages that are being included into children's cartoons and also fortnite. I have no seen any of these and I do not know if it is true but I am passing it along to you.

Next is the 2 day hiding challenge:

It is clear that our children can be exposed to dangerous things on the internet and social media and also on online gaming such as fortnite and roblox. That is where parents come in. I have heard of children as young as 2nd grade, playing fortnite with strangers. Here is an example of why that is not a good activity.

The internet can be a great place to get information and also for entertainment. But, it must be monitored by parents. And, parents need to know just as much if not more about computers than their children do.

YOUTH SPAGHETTI DINNER (Take home) for FRIDAY - Deadline is TODAY!

We hope that you will support our youth by buying a YUMMY Spaghetti dinner or two or three to go on Friday, March 15th. The cost is $5. And best of all, no cooking on Friday night of that week. So, mark your calendars now. A form will go home next week so be on the lookout.
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Background check authorization

Below is the link. You cannot chaperone or otherwise interact with our students unless you complete the background check.


12: PTL Potluck and meeting 6:00PM

15: Youth Spaghetti take home spaghetti dinner sale $5 (Deadline is TODAY to prepurchase!)

20 5th grade trip to Epcot

22 All school chapel and awards

22 End of 3rd quarter

2 Early Release

Looking way ahead...

Spring Break is March 23 thru March 31st.

April 1: Family Enrichment Program begins

April 2: Report Card Night

Newly updated Calendar and lunch menu are below

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