No Teacher Left Behind

Teachers are helping to create Leaders in our Society

Consistent Learning Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers should be given funds in order to get recommended training throughout the year. Teachers should also be granted the opportunity to visit our schools in others states to be able to learn from other teachers. Teacher are receiving training of the things that will change in the school the following year, but what about how children change and the learning styles of children.

Test or Standards should this be required by teachers every year?

I believe that test and standards should not be required by teachers every year. I do believe that teachers should have to have required training over the year. Technology is the way our society has changed so much. I would not have gain the knowledge of social network if it was not for my children. I believe that all Teachers should have to take some type of technology class that is required all over the world. They must gain a certification in things that change tremendously. This should be all over the nation.

ISTE Standards for Teachers

Teachers are being taught on how to encourage, assess and provide students with an environment that will enhance their learning. The training class that teachers are taking are providing them with the professional growth and leadership that they need to assist them in enhancing the digital world for the students. Teachers are provided standards that will help them to engage with their student and their learning.