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Weekly Faculty and Staff Bulletin 11/16 - 11/20

A Message from Keoki

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I hope you have found the weekly bulletin to be a useful tool that improves communication. Its imperative for us to be on the same page as much as possible. As you know school is a very busy place with lots happening.

I wanted to update you on the December 11th concert. I will ask PCNC Rebecca Gonser to place an envelope in your boxes next week. If you can sell 5 $20 dollar tickets that would be awesome. On the envelope you just write 5 names of the people you sold your tickets. They will be placed on a will call list to pick up their tickets at the event.

I know several grade levels have committed to an activity or responsibility to make funds for your grade level and team. The money you make will go directly to your grade level team. Everything will be done through scripts. We will have a script booth that sales one dollar scripts. Two weeks prior to the event I will need to know how much you will be charging. Below is an updated list of the activities we have in place for the event.


Patrick Ching- Free demonstration, Patrick who is a professional artist will be doing a "live painting." He will invite kids to take the brush and add to his painting. The final product will be sold and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the art and music program.

Page Chang- Free demonstration, Page is a professional artist and owner of Pukoa Studios. Pukoa is a art studio located in China Town, Page specializes in local art and Hawaiiana. She will be doing a kapa class, guests will learn about how the ancient Hawaiians made kapa and used the material for various purposes.

Blacksmithing (Administration)- A artist/teacher from The Honolulu Waldorf school will bring his blacksmithing tools and equipment. He has a oven that he uses to heat iron and metal and students/guests will be able to pay scripts to be able to pound the hot material into various shapes. This is something that students do not get to experience and the live action will be exciting for all who observe and try it out.

Hawaii Game Truck (Administration) A truck/trailer with 10 flat screen televisions will be on site. There are 8 different game consoles running, students will be able to pay scripts to play for a certain amount of time.

Knockerball (Grade 1)- Knockerball is a wildly popular new game that requires players to suit up in a huge bubble. The players run around, knock each other over and have fun while playing games like soccer and tag. !

Jousting (Administration)- Do you have a conflict with a student of yours? Want to find a fun way to solve a problem with a colleague? Jousting will be two people battling it out with huge padded sticks. It will sure be fun!

Grade K- Kindergarten will be selling popcorn as a snack

Grade 2- Will be selling drinks for the entire event

Grade 3- Will be making and selling friendship bracelets

Grade 4- Will be leading a fun game of ring toss

Grade 5/6- Will operate a few bouncing houses.

Project Team- Will sell glow sticks and glow lights

Craft Fair- About 15 vendors have paid to be part of the craft fair. Lots of great gifts will be on sale from local artist and crafters!

Student Art Show- Please provide me with any art pieces the week of the event. We will set up tables and show art work for parents and guests to observe. The artwork will be given back to teachers after to be sent home.

5pm- Hula Show by Halau o Puuwailani from Kailua

6pm- Kaiona to perform live, brother sister band that rocks various songs from different genres of music

7pm- The Green will close down the house with an awesome 1 hour set!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Keoki Fraser

New Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines

Click here to view the DOE's new technology use guidelines. The copy of the agreement form will be in your mailbox. Please read, sign, and give it to Gayle. Thank you!

This Week's Events

This week is Geography Awareness Week. `Aikahi will be celebrating by answering daily geography questions and participate in the following activities below. Please visit the Geography Awareness Week bulletin board in front of the Library every morning to check on your grade level's daily question and submit your answers to your teacher by first recess to be eligible to win a daily prize! Thank you to the Grade 2 Teachers for planning and organizing!

November 15

  • 6th Grade Volleyball Tournament at King Intermediate School Gym - Please support our 6th Grade Volleyball Teams as they participate in a tournament against Kaneohe and Kapunahala Elementary. The girls play at 1:00 pm and the boys play at 2:30 pm.

November 16

  • Monday Munchies - Bring a small snack to share with your classmates and share where it came from (Be sure to check with your teacher if any of your classmates have a food allergy.)
  • Principal Out of the Office
  • Tripod Survey - Grades 3-6, Click here to see the schedule.
  • Projects Articulation at 8:30 am in the library
  • Parent-Teacher Conference (LAST DAY!) - 1:20 pm Release

November 17

  • Trinket Tuesday - Bring a souvenir from a place they visited to share with your class.
  • Kindergarten Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1

November 18

  • Wave a Flag on Wednesday - Make a flag (or bring one in) from the country that reflects your family's ethnic background.
  • Enrichment Ends
  • Office Staff Meeting at 8:15 am in the Office Conference Room
  • Grade 3 Articulation at 10:15 am in B1
  • Faculty Extended Meeting at 1:45 - 3:30 pm in the library - We will be participating in a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) of our student learning and school processes data in preparation for the development of next year's Academic Plan. Please bring the CNA document you received/or will receive at articulation.
  • PTA Meeting at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria - Hot topic items include: Turkey Trot, Craft Night, and Arts for Aikahi Festival.

November 19

  • Travel Thursday - Bring in a picture of a place you would like to travel to and share with your class
  • Grade 4 Articulation at 10:15 am in B1
  • Grade 1 Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1
  • Principal's Dinner at 5:30 - 8:00 pm in the cafeteria. See flyer for more information.

November 20

  • Fashion Friday - Wear a t-shirt or hat with a name or picture of a place on it (i.e. famous landmark, a city, or national park)
  • Ohana Breakfast at 7:00 am in the cafeteria for those who RSVP-ed
  • Academic Coach is Out - Academic Coach's Meeting
  • Grade 5 and 6 Articulation at 9:00 am in B1
  • Grade 2 Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1

Turkey Shoot! (Faculty and Staff Event)

The Projects Team invite you to participate in The Hungry Games! Use your speed, determination, and... creativity with other members in your team (District) to be the Hungry Games Champions!

All social committee reps will collect $3/person who will be participating in the last "get together" before the holiday rush on Wed., afternoon. Please then turn in all you $ to Gayle with names of your peeps attending.

Refreshments will be provided by Kindergarten and SPED prior to the Games starting.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

Code Studio Workshop

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 8am-4pm

281 Ilihau Street

Kailua, HI

Computer science is foundational knowledge for all students in the 21st century. But a lot of schools don’t teach it, especially at the elementary level.

But now your elementary school can. With the help of, I am providing FREE one day workshops

for elementary school teachers interested in teaching computer science. Over 15,000 teachers have participated in a workshop and the majority say it’s the best PD they’ve ever attended.

What’s in a workshop?

In-person instruction including an intro to computer science, pedagogy, overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching “unplugged”classroom activities.

All costs are covered by

There is no charge for these workshops and attending teachers will also receive (at no cost)):

• Printed curriculum guide

• Classroom supplies for the unplugged lessons

• Certificate of completion (which could count for PD credit)

• Fun swag

Here is the link you need to register:

Big image

Future Flight Hawaii STEMFEST Teacher Volunteers Needed

Angla Kung (Mother of Tess an Finn) is coordinating a STEM event at Aikahi. See information above. $25 of the registration fee will donated to our school for STEM education.

We are looking for 6 Aikahi teachers to donate their time on a Saturday to facilitate the STEM learning-based modules. They would like to have teachers facilitate in hopes that you will use these STEM modules in your classroom.

Please let Trisha know if you are interested in facilitating a session on this day. Thanks!

Tech Tip of the Week

Great link below to free computer, keyboard, and mouse activities. Organized by grade levels too!

Achieve3000 SBA Support Update

Achieve3000 added an SBA support update to their teacher view. When you click on an article, you will see a drop down box to the right called, "Prep for SBA." You can print bookmarks to remind students to use close reading strategies, such as highlighting, commenting, and questioning when they are reading a KidBIz/TeenBiz article.
Big image

Upcoming Events

November 23

  • Leadership Team Sub Day (Off Campus) - Developing the draft of the Academic Plan
  • Projects Articulation at 8:15 am in the library

November 24

  • Kindergarten Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1
  • Fire Drill at 1:00 pm

November 25

November 26

  • Happy Thanksgiving - No School

November 27

  • Happy Black Friday Shopping Day (Thankgiving Holiday) - No School

Anything to Add?

If you want to share anything in the weekly bulletin, please email Trisha the blurb by Thursday afternoon. You can send attachments and pictures too!