April 2

Wonderful Watercolors

Jane (Newman) has decided to share one watercolor project per week. Wonderful Wednesdays are here! All you need is a piece of watercolor paper, paints, paint brushes, and a sharpie or any waterproof pen. This weeks project is goofy birds. Start out by making watercolor shapes, any size, any shape any color. Next, just use your pen and your imagination to create your birds! Remember birds are just like people ... everyone is different and there are no mistakes!! Have fun, next week we’ll be painting jelly fish!

Tech Tom Livestream!

Each week, Tom will be livestreaming a 3D print. Tomorrow is our inaugural event and going forward boring old Tuesday will become Tech Tom Tuesday! Who or what will be printing? You have to guess! Clues will be left in the comments section and if you think you know the answer, shout it out in the comments. The first person to correctly guess the object will WIN it when we return to school. Click the link below beginning at 10:30 am on Friday, 4/3 to watch!

Make Your Own TV!

We've probably all been indulging in a little extra tv time so we're very familiar with the channels and programs available. Here's the chance to take that knowledge and turn it into a cute little project that Patricia (Sunita Williams) created.