Come Learn about science with us!

Welcome to science land!

Object: Be the first person to reach the genes.

Materials: Spinner, Colored Cards, Die, Brain Game Pieces, game board.

Equipment setup: Place the brain game pieces at the start. Put question cards in assigned places.

Cards: READ CARDS ALOUD! Read the question and your answer aloud before flipping the card to see your answer.

Gameplay: Roll dice to see which player will go first. Then spin the spinner. If you land on a object, such as a test tube, you will immediately move to that space, if you spin an object that is behind you you must move to that object. If you land on a color you will pick up a question card of that color and if you answer it correctly you move to the nearest space colored space that matches the cards color. You only move to colored spaces in front of you. Do not move to colored spaces that are behind you.

Winning: Once you reach the goggles. You will be asked questions by the chromosome guards. You will have to answer a three questions over a period of five turns. Once you pass the guards you will follow the regular advance to the finish. You must roll a yellow to finish.

Now we hope you enjoy playing SCIENCE LAND!!!
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