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October 23, 2019

Schedule Change Requests - Communication Update

HI Sundevils!

The primary purpose in re-opening the Schedule Change Request google doc was to assist students who may need to repeat a Trimester 1 course they might be failing. Counselors were also hoping to assist students who are still missing a class period, and students who need a class for graduation.

These types of changes are our priority. Unfortunately, we are seeing a surge in requests we are not able to accommodate; rearranging the order of my classes, swapping one teacher for another, seeing if there's space in class X, etc.

Also, elective changes are considered only if students choose a replacement class from the list of available classes posted outside the Sun Center that is in the same period that their elective is scheduled.

We are still finalizing the original requests students made in August and will continue to work on finalizing schedules up until the first day of Trimester 2.

Please ask your student to continue to check their Student VUE for their most up to date class schedule.

TO FILL AN OPEN PERIOD OR OFF-ROLL: Check the white boards posted outside the Sun Center to view classes with space available. Then you may request to fill that period by completing the googledoc online and submitting a Parent Signature Form.

CHANGE COURSE LEVEL: If you are scheduled for the wrong level of a class, for example you earned a D in Spanish 2 but are currently scheduled for Spanish 3, complete the googledoc online and submit Parent Signature Form.

CHOOSING OFF-ROLL: Requesting an off-roll that requires moving other periods may not be possible. Complete the OFF ROLL PARENT PERMISSION FORM

All schedule change requests must be made on the googledoc online schedule change request form and print and return the signed parent permission form.

Due to ongoing balancing your schedule may change before the first day of the trimester.

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What is Middle College?

And what does it have to do with pizza? We are looking for 20 students who would like to be a part of our Middle College High School Focus group. We will be meeting on Nov. 13 in room F-7 at lunchtime. We will be supplying lunch for you.

Middle College High School is a new school concept where students attend High School Courses and College Courses on the Palomar Community College Campus – Rancho Bernardo for their Junior and Senior years. During these two years, student will earn both their high school diploma and up to a years’ worth of college credits at no cost to the student. If this is something that interest you, please sign up in your counseling office or through this link. Password is MCHS

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Cash for College Open House

Saturday, November 16

9 am to noon

MCHS Library

Help completing the FAFSA! RSVP Here

Many colleges including community colleges for their promise programs, require families to complete the FAFSA. During our Cash for College event we will be providing hands on support with completing any college applications and FAFSA applications. We will also have an accountant present that will be able to answer any technical questions. Please take part in this AMAZING opportunity and let's get you ready to college! RSVP Here

What exactly does the Palomar Promise provide?

· Free tuition for up to two years ($46/ unit, up to 19 units per semester, material fees not included)

· Promise textbook assistance (up to $300 per semester for the first year; up to $100 per semester for the 2nd year)

· Digital parking permit

· Priority registration for the first year (better chances of getting the classes you want, when and where you want them)

· Academic/career counseling services

· Support for students who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) in high school” (IEPs end when a student graduates from high school; community colleges are not bound to IEPs like the k-12 system)

· Academic enrichment, career, and social activities throughout the year

· Special events to help students connect with the Palomar college resources and campus community (peers, staff, and faculty)

*Program benefits subject to available funding - View PALOMAR PROMISE Here

Did you miss our Palomar Application & Promise Workshop?

Here are some resources to help you.

Palomar Application Checklist

Palomar Promise Success Agreement

Check out all their exciting programs here

Tips and Reminders for Completing the CSU Application

  • After you have chosen Mt Carmel High School, Select SEMESTER (Not Trimester) as the Term Type.
  • Use drop down menus for everything - you will type the beginning letters of a class just to get to the drop down menu.
  • Do not change the "CLASS TYPE" it will automatically populate correctly (Honors is "NONE")
  • If on your A-G summary the "G" is not populated you may have to change one of your classes that have exceeded the minimum to a "G" (for example a 4th year of math, or 3rd year of language).

Out of state college for in-state Tuition!

Did you know that you can go to college out of state for an in-state tuition price?

This is from a program called WUE. Many western united states colleges and universities participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange. With WUE, out-of-state students pay no more than 150% of in-state tuition at participating schools, compared with nonresident rates that can exceed 300% of in-state rates. Here is an example from Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

More information about WUE here

Students Last Name:

A-F Counselor - Mrs. Kim Bronson

G-M Counselor - Mrs. Dena Tracanna

N-T Counselor - Mrs. Charmaine Ferrer

U-Z, AVID & ELL Counselor - Mr. Victor Baez (Ms. Kim Tran through November)

Counselor - Mr. Husani Whitlock

Parents if you need to see your student's counselor, please make an appointment directly with the counselor via email.