March 23-27, 2015


  • Students will take Quiz #4 on Tuesday, March 24. There will be a review day on Monday, March 23.
  • Study guide for Quiz #4 and the study guide solutions are uploaded to the FSA-Connect.
  • I will donate this week to review the topics that we've covered so far. We will be at media center on Wednesday and Thursday to work on online assignments.
  • We will start new chapter (Chapter 6-Percents) on upcoming week. (Week of March 30)
  • Tutoring will be on Thursdays between 3:35-4:20. If you like one-on-one tutoring please contact me. I will try to arrange my schedule.

Pi Day of The Century (3.14.15) Celebration in Our Class

Acc Math 5&6 Class girls and boys competed against each other on creating chain with loops of construction paper, using a different color for each of the ten digits.

Their prize was getting the party food first.

After judging for accuracy and the longest chain, GIRLS won. WAY TO GO GIRLS:)))

boys are working hard.

girls like competing against boys.

time to see outcomes

Big image

girls are enjoing with their food.


  • Please help your child to keep their math binder organized.
  • Have your child practice on KHAN Academy and EPGY daily or have them spend at least 2 hours in a week.
  • Please check FSA-Connect daily for lesson notes and homework assignments.

Have a great week.....